An Invite to Morning Drop In Curlers and Afternoon Drop-In Curlers!

A Note to Daytime Morning Drop-In Curlers and Afternoon Drop-In Stick Curlers…

We invite you to sign up for the Cornwall Curling Club Daytime Committee’s ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY which will take place on *Monday December 20th, 2021!

This year the Daytime Committee has decided to change the event a little….
The festive celebration will include: Morning 4-Person Curling and Afternoon Stick Curling – You choose which kind of curling you would like to sign up for! (please choose either from either the morning curling 4-person curling or afternoon stick curling session to participate in. )

How the Day will look:
1. Morning: If you sign up for ‘4-person Curling’, it will take place in the morning. Every curler will curl one 6-end game, either at 9:00am or 10:30am (watch for the draw!)
2. Noon: Lunchtime! A shared lunch that includes ‘Morning Drop -In Curlers’ and ‘Afternoon Stick Curlers’ is planned begin at approx. 12 noon. At this time we invite those who have signed up for morning 4-person stick curling and those who have sign up for afternoon stick curling to join together to share a delicious meal.
(Afternoon Stick Curlers are invited to arrive around 11:30 to choose their seat and have some coffee).
3. Afternoon: If you signed up for ‘Afternoon Stick Curling’ there will then be one afternoon stick curling game starting at approximately 1:30 pm.

The day will wind up at 2:30pm.

The registration amount is estimated to be $10.00 (however we are waiting to hear back from the caterer on what our costs will be).

The sign up sheets (look for Morning 4-person curling or Afternoon Stick Curling) is on the bulletin board by table # 4, in front of the office.

*In the event of snow that day, we will plan to have the party on Tuesday, December 21st.

One More Note:
The Daytime Committee has also kindly organized a food drive and donations will be made to the local Cornwall Food Bank. We are inviting all club curlers donate a little something, if you are able to. Donations can be put in the container or bags under the “daytime table” , or under the Christmas Tree.

If you have any questions…please contact the Club Manager…

Falalala! Happy Holidays to All….!

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