Look who came for a visit ..!

Look who came to visit today?!
Our Club Member and friend…the very personable and super friendly Archie!

It was so nice to see Archie and get caught up on how things are going for him.
What a great person to share a yarn … and a few good laughs ….with! Of course the boy’s on the ice all came off to give Archie a hard time…!

But before Archie settled in with a coffee and to watch the game, his first words when he came into the club….
“I would like one of those nice curling calendars …” . (Archie always one of the first people to donate to any charitable initiative at the club! …)

Archie noted right away how happy he was that our club’s own Lauren Lenentine was a part of the calendar …very proud indeed.

Thank you Archie for visiting us today at the club. We really miss you and look forward to when you can get back on the ice again! Make sure you come for visits and to watch the games lots over these winter months… the boys are always looking for some fun banter ! (And someone to blame their curling game on… right Ronnie ?! ?)

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