Welcome Desjardins Curlers!

A note to welcome all of the curlers who are participating in the Desjardins Stick Curling Tournament today at the Cornwall Curling Club.

This traditional event brings together stick curlers from across the province to compete in some fantastic competition!

A special thank you to Desjardins for sponsoring this event and to Etta Reid and Ernie Stavert for organizing the tournament!! Thank you for all volunteers for your contributions.

As a reminder there will be no “Morning Drop-In Curling” this morning, and no “Afternoon Drop-In Stick Curling” this afternoon.

We will resume with the regular daytime Curling schedule and our “Junior Practice“ schedule at 4:00 pm, and proceed into our evening “Thursday Mixed League” following.

Post last modified: Dec 2, 2021 @ 11:18 am

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