A Request to Members …

A Request to Club Members…

Our friends at the Canadian Cancer Society are hosting a ‘Curl for Cancer’ that will take place at the Cornwall Curling Club this Saturday December 11th, starting at 5pm.

The Committee Chair reached out to us and gratefully requested that our club members join them in helping to raise funds for the ‘Curl for Cancer’ by donating baked goods to raise funds for this important cause.

If you are not be able to join in the event , this would be a wonderful, and appreciated, way to support the fundraising efforts.

Lisa Jackson let us know that she will be at the club Friday evening, or after 3pm on Saturday, to accept items …

She asked that items be labeled as “nut free” or “gluten free” ( if they are such) in order to help them sell (the organization “assume(s) nuts, milk, eggs, flour are present”). “Bottled preserves are welcome too.”
“Packaged would be great.”

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