Note to Members of the Cornwall Curling Club

26 January 2022

Some good news from the Chief Public Health Office (CPHO) today: a relaxing of the restrictions that have been in place since mid-January will take effect on Monday, 31 January 2022.

The Club will once again be able to offer the “Members’ Ice Time” program.
In keeping with the new CPHO guidance this has been expanded to include Team (with Coach if applicable) ice sharing.

Junior Team Practice will be able to resume as per their designated team practice schedule (Monday to Thursday 4pm to 5pm or 5pm to 6pm).

We are also investigating if our Novice and Little Rock instructional programs are able to resume under this CPHO guidance.

The Members ice time schedule will be posted Friday morning and members can begin booking ice time once it is posted.

Please call the club to book your ice time at 902-566-4427 or email .

The Board of Directors continues to look at all scenarios for how to make the most of what remains of the season; this includes the possibility of extending the season.

We will continue to provide information and alter our operations as we receive guidance from the CPHO.
Be assured that the health and safety of all who enter the Club continues to be our overriding focus.

Shauna McGill Peter Murdoch

President Return to Play Chair

Cornwall Curling Club Cornwall Curling Club

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