Wednesday Daytime Pod Curling starts today!

Wednesday Daytime Curling

                                                                     POD Teams

A1     P.Durant 
A2     S.Berry 
A3     M.MacDonald   
A4     P.Murdoch

B1      S. Hope  
B2      D. MacKay 
B3      P. Arsenault   
B4      K.Blanchard     

C1      C. Sweetapple       
C2      B. Stuckey
C3      L.Callbeck 
C4      J.Gill

D1     B.Craswell
D2     P.Field
D3     D.Weeks
D4     B. Sutherland
D5     T.Dunn   


  Ice 1 Ice 2 Ice 3 Ice 4 Bye
Feb. 9 at 10 am A1 vs A2 A3 vs A4 B1 vs B2 B3 vs B4  
Feb. 9 at 12:30 pm C1  vs  C2    C3  vs  C4 D1 vs D2 D2 vs D4 D5
Feb. 16 at 10 am D2  vs  D3   D1  vs  D5 C1  vs  C3 C2  vs  C4 D4
Feb. 16 at 12:30 pm B1 vs B3 B2 vs B4 A1 vs A3 A2 vs A4  
Feb. 23 at 10 am A2 vs A3 A1 vs A4 B1` vs B4 B2 vs B3  
Feb. 23 at 12:30 pm C2  vs C3 C1 vs  C4 D1 vs D4 D2 vs D5 D3

Find your team and the date you are playing.  Follow the rules for staying on your side of the sheet and do not cross over to other sheets!  Thanks!

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