Save the Dates for the 2nd Annual CLUB-WIDE Red and Blue Bonspiel!

Mark your calendars and SAVE THE DATES!!

The traditional Red and Blue Bonspiel has been our club’s AWESOME year-end event for many years at the Cornwall Curling Club that celebrates the end of the curling season!

In 2021, during the challenges of a public health crisis, we were so very proud of how our club pulled through… TOGETHER.

So we decided to celebrate the end of the season…together…with a CLUB-WIDE Red and Blue Spiel!!

We created 6 different divisions: Little Rockers, Novice, Junior Teams, Stick Curling, Daytime Curling, and the grand finale- The Friday Night and Saturday event..!

Each division created teams who were assigned a RED or BLUE colour, and draws were made accordingly… Teams received points for WINS and LOSSES , and in some cases points for ends!!
Each division would then submit their points total to the on-going RED or BLUE team tallies!!

Last year proved to be very exciting and a very CLOSE race!!!

Summary from 2021:
“… was a great Red and Blue competition at the Club, with Blue grabbing an early lead with our Little Rockers and Novice leadoff event on March 30, then increasing their lead at the Junior event on Saturday morning April 3rd with some special guests and continued to lead with the afternoon Junior Skills Competition.

Blue was still ahead after the 2nd Little Rockers/Novice event on April 6th, and again increased their lead slightly at the Daytime Stick Curling event, while Red won by a slim margin in the Daytime Curlers event…”

“…..Team Red once again prevailed at the annual Red vs Blue Celebration Spiel here at the Cornwall Curling Club, coming on strong in the final draw to grab a 781,000 to 737,000 point win over their Blue rivals, who lead throughout the week’s lead up events and right into the final draw of this event!!!”

Watch out for all the details to come and for the SIGN UP for these RED and BLUE SPIEL divisions !!!

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