U16 Development League season wrapped up today

Today marked the final day of the Under 16 Development League for the season here at the Cornwall Curling Club. This year 8 teams participated, 5 of which were representing the Cornwall Curling Club.: 

Team Carver – Montague 

Team Dalton – Cornwall 

Team Easter – Summerside 

Team Gallant – Cornwall 

Team Lenentine – Cornwall 

Team MacEwen – Cornwall 

Team Myers – Cornwall 

Team Shaw – Montague 

This league provides an opportunity for development in areas such as strategy, skill development and coaching in an interactive game environment. While COVID restrictions presented some obstacles, the teams were able to complete the full 8 game schedule. A special thanks to Team Beaton (Cornwall) who agreed to play in the last draw due to a few teams being at off-island competitions. 

As the league progressed it was clear these athletes are developing. Each team showed tremendous respect and sportsmanship. A special thank you to the Coaches who volunteer their time developing these young, up-and-coming curlers. The future is bright for Junior Curling here on PEI ! 


The Club would also like to extend a warm and genuine thank you to Robbie and Jennifer Lenentine. Robbie was the Chair and Draw Master of the U16 Development League for the 2021-22 season. Jennifer sits on the Cornwall Curling Club Board of Directors as Treasurer. The Lenentine’s are very generous with their time and support of the Club, particularly Junior curling and programs that offer opportunity for development and support in growing the game! 

Here is a gallery of photos from today. Click on a photo to enlarge, and swipe or use arrows to go ahead and back.



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