O’Connor Glass-sponsored U13 Funspiel a huge success!

There were wonderful smiles from some talented curlers, applause and cheers from proud parents, and a lot of great curling shots made today at the Cornwall Curling Club during our annual U13 Funspiel !!

Our Little Rockers and Novice curlers participated in two 4-end games, and we wish you could have been there to see the show! There were some very close games and some impressive comebacks to make for some exciting moments…. for both curlers and spectators!
True story!

We cannot thank our generous event sponsor O’Connor Glass Ltd enough for their support of this U13 Funspiel for curlers, and for their support of Junior curling and junior teams at our club for many years! The children enjoyed a super fun day….. Thank you!

Our young curlers were welcomed upon arrival today with a continental breakfast of sweet mandarins, crisp gala apple, and some wonderful donuts, cinnamon rolls, and muffins and more that we picked up from our favourite local grocer Good’s Independent! We think the mini-donuts and muffins were the winners today!

We were also very happy to provide parents with coffee service and a few little snacks too!

Our curlers were also  offered a choice between a Gatorade or bottled water to help keep them hydrated for the day of curling ahead!!

Let’s just say there were some blue smiles around throughout the day! Thank you to our friends at Cavendish Farms for support of this event and helping young curlers stay hydrated!

Following the first game, the excited curlers enjoyed some fresh hot and delicious pizza!!

Garlic fingers and the plain cheese pizza seemed to be the favs… but pepperoni pretty popular too! We are so lucky to have the best pizza right next door to us at Sam’s Family Restaurant & Lounge ! Did you know that Sam’s makes its pizza right in a stone oven, making the crust perfectly delicious and the toppings on top baked to perfection!

Our curlers also enjoyed some delicious and ice cold chocolate milk donated generously from wonderful community supporters… ADL !”

After lunch, the children were set for another game of curling, and as in the morning,  the curling was awesome!


Many instructors commented about on how great the curlers play, but also how fantastic they were with communicating with each other (sometimes knowing right away something all curlers know… that is the plan B when a shot didn’t go to plan!), encouraging each other, knowing the rules of the game (like to be ready to curl), and giving each other high fives!

We finished up the day with a thank you and a round of applause for event sponsor David O’Connor. David kindly spoke to our parents and curlers about his special and positive experience having his own children, Rachel and Noah, in curling  ~ who started young and played their junior curling at the Cornwall Curling Club. David commended the Club for being so supportive of young curlers over the years. He recommended to parents that they enjoy watching and being involved with their children over the years to come and recommended that they immerse themselves in the experience of being ‘parents of curlers’ … as it still holds many wonderful memories for both David and his wife Margaret and they have friends all over Canada because of their time supporting their young curlers!
Thank you David for making time in your busy schedule to be here today. 


Our tired but happy curlers were then treated to the prize table! Junior Coordinator, Sarah Doak, drew names out of the hat and the children went one by one to pick a prize! The young curlers had been looking at the table all day and busily chatting over which prize they would choose… so they were ready!

This day was a wonderful success and our thanks go to Cornwall Curling Club Junior Coordinator, Sarah Doak, for her great work in working with our team to organize the event! Thanks Sarah! During the end of the event, Sarah spoke with the curlers and their families and praised their great play! Sarah also thanked our sponsor O’Connor Glass, and extended our thanks to the volunteer coaches and parents who helped!

We are so fortunate.
Fortunate that curling is thriving at our club. Fortunate that we have young children who are excited about the game.

Fortunate that we have experienced curlers generously come out to help instruct and share their knowledge and experience. Fortunate that we have caring parents (who have never coached before!) and are doing it now with such enthusiasm. Fortunate that we have parents who support their children as they make their way to the curling rink and grow with them in this great sport. Fortunate that there is a system of people working behind the scenes to make sure that we have a club that provides opportunities for wonderful young curlers to enjoy and have pride in. Fortunate that we live together in a community that has such history… and fortunate for such an exciting future ahead.

We are so very proud of our young curlers today and … and as evident by some of the talented young curlers doing so well on a national level right now who once curled at Cornwall Curling Club  … we know that the future will continue to look bright and be super fun for these juniors! 

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Please note: our club always practices public health safety. Masks are not required by CPHO on our ice surface. Off-ice, where you see curlers without masks, they are with their family members/ close contacts, or a speaker has taken off their mask briefly so the audience can hear… always more than at least six to ten feet apart when doing so.

Here is a gallery of photos from the event. Click on a photo to enlarge and use arrows or swipe to go ahead and back.


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