A Six-Ender today during a Stick Curling Drop In Game!

A pretty awesome afternoon here at 29 Cornwall Road today!

This duo, Kevin McInnis and Glenn Stapleton, accomplished something very special … a six-ender during an intense game of stick curling…. with Kevin throwing the last stone!!

A 6-ender in stick curling is equivalent to an 8-ender in traditional four per curling, as sticker curlers only use six rocks. A pretty rare feat! (Although this is our second one of the year here at the Cornwall Curling Club! Gloria Clarke and Ruth Stavert made a six earlier this year…)

A reason to celebrate and boast ….as the six was made against the very talented and experienced Ruth Stavert, and against Kevin’s good friend Bernie Keefe!
Bernie joked that Kevin’s head would be too big to fit in the car on their carpool drive home!

Congratulations Kevin and Glenn!

Stick curling is super fun and exciting format of curling… and our club proudly has one of the strongest programs across Canada!

Stick curling been growing and increasing popularity at our club over the years and at clubs across Prince Edward Island~ in large part because of the time put forward by Cornwall Curling Club long time member , former Board of Director Member and President of the Cornwall Curling Club, and iconic stick curling advocate… Mr. Ernie Stavert.

Our Stick Curling Drop-In runs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday , and Friday afternoon from 12:30pm to 2:30pm. If you are interested in learning more about stick curling please contact us at the club at 902-566-4427 or email us at cornwallcurling@eastlink.ca .

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