Junior Red and Blue – this Saturday, April 16th!

Hey There Junior Practice Curlers (11-21)!! And Mentors too!…
Check out the schedule for Saturday’s Red and Blue Playday!
This Red and Blue Junior Division event was so super fun last year and we look forward to another day of friendship and curling!
We also have an inside scoop, and happen to know that RED has a big lead right now!! So bring your A-game BLUE!
We will be ready to welcome everyone at 9:30am , with our first 6-end game starting at 10am!
Following the game we will enjoy a pizza purchased from our good friends at Sam’s Family Restaurant!
A BIG thank you to Cornwall Curling Club Member Susan McInnis and Peake and McInnis for generously sponsoring our lunch! 
Following lunch we will have another 6-end game… and should be done for the day around 2:30.
We will also have some fun swag to give away!
A thank you to all Juniors who are participating in his event… Club spirit is as important to the game as our practice sometimes. Club Spirit promotes an encouraging and engaged community~ those who will cheer you and and support you when you need it, and club spirit provides a little fun and a respite from daily practices …and embodies a club culture that is special.
A very special thank you also goes out to our mentor curlers! …. We are so very lucky to have such wonderful leaders in our club who give back to the game they love…! We hope that you will enjoy this day as much as we do…. Thank you for being such wonderful Club Members! There were also many mentors who wanted to join us but could not… and so they thoughtfully sent along some AWESOME swag instead! Thank you All!
A BIG high five goes to Robbie Lenentine for composing the draw from Toronto…. as he is over cheering on our own World Champion, Lauren…
A thank you to Jennifer Lenentine who will be here on-site Saturday to host the day!
We look forward to seeing everyone Saturday!…Don’t forget to wear your Red or Blue team colours!!

RED and BLUE –Junior Mentor

April 16th, 2022

     Teams         Mentor          Third         Second          Lead
Team RED 1 AM Amber Robb

PM Mark MacDonald

 Sydney Howatt    Carley Waite Ashley Newson
 Team BLUE 1 AM  Landon Warder


Rachel MacLean Kolin Beaton Oliver MacEwen
Team RED 2 AM  Mark MacDonald

PM Craig Savill

Isaiah Dalton Connor MacEwen  Olivia MacKinnon
Team BLUE  2 AM  Mitch O’Shea

PM  Jenine Bodner

Aiden Savill Ella Lenentine Skyla La Pointe
Team RED 3 AM Colin MacKenzie

PM  Tyler Makenzie

Sheamus Herlihy Koby-Lynn Gallant Landon Seaman
Team BLUE 3 AM Jenine Bodner

PM Amber Robb  

Connor Bruce Kacey Gauthier Lucy MacArthur


  Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3
10:00 am Team Red 1 (Robb) 


Team Blue 2 (O’Shea)

Team Red 2 (MacDonald) 


Team Blue 3 (Bodner)

Team Red 3 (C MacKenzie) 


Team Blue 1 (Warder)

1:00 pm Team Red 2 ( C.Savill) 


Team Blue 1 (TBA)

Team Red 3 (T.MacKenzie) 


Team Blue 2 (Bodner)

Team Red 1 ( MacDonald) 


Team Blue 3 (Robb)

Here’s a peek at some of the “swag” provided!

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