REVISED: Fri. Daytime Division Red and Blue Bonspiel Teams, Draw, and Format/Rules

The Daytime Division of our Red vs Blue bonspiel gets underway on Friday morning April 22nd, with eight teams participating. At the moment, Team Blue is in the lead by 108.50 to 94.5 points, but we are expecting a red surge on Friday, with a stellar lineup of experienced curlers in this draw!

Don’t forget to wear your Team Colours! Red or Blue!



  1. Lorne McGuigan, Carlene Peters, Kimball Blanchard, Earith Mutch
  1. Tom Dunn, Bernie Field, Italo Marzari, Dora MacKinley
  1. Joe Gill, Paul Durant, Jessie MacPhail, Ann Greyborn
  1. Barry Craswell, Roddie MacLean, Val Beer, Clark Johnston


  1. Carol Sweetapple, Byron Sutcliffe, Yvonne Barbour, Nancy Simpkins
  1. Lester Callbeck, Roy Coffin, Nancy FitzGerald, Sandra Dingle
  1. Peter Rousseau, Ken Harriott, Ernie Dunsford, Marlis O’Rourke
  1. Paul Arsenault, Donald Weeks, Tom O’Rourke, Johanne Cowan-McGuigan

SCHEDULE – 4 END GAMES (Skins Format)

9:30 am Ices 1 through 4

Lorne vs Carol, Tom vs Lester, Joe vs Peter, Barry vs Paul

11:00 am Ices 1 through 4

Joe vs Paul, Barry vs Peter, Lorne vs Lester, Tom vs Carol


– Team with the hammer must score 2 points to win the end

– Team without the hammer must steal at least 1 point to win the end

– Blank end: the hammer goes to the other team

– Points for each end are carried over if no team wins the end

– If the fourth end is not won, a draw to the button will determine the winner of the end and all accumulated points.

– In game 1 the draw to the button (if needed) will be made by the first stone with sweepers.

– In Game 2 the draw to the button (if needed) will be made by the second stone with sweepers

– If neither player gets a rock in the house any player on the team can throw the next rock with no sweepers


– End 1 – 100 points – End 2 – 300 points – End 3 – 500 points – End 4 – 800 points

-Game winner (most total points) – 2500 point bonus

Here’s what’s planned for this event:

Registration and Pastry/Coffee Service begins the day from 8:30 am, until 9:30.
Please bring the $20 entry fee in cash, as our club float is small and we cannot offer too many cash advances.
First draw will go out at 9:30. 
There will be a pizza lunch served at 12:30 pm
There will be door prizes and draws throughout the day, plus prizes for winning teams!

By the way, we are looking for two volunteers to serve the pizza
lunch, so let us know if you can help!

Good luck to all participants!

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