Team Blue comes on strong in last draw of Finale Day Two to win Kenmac Energy Red and Blue event!

It’s been quite a few years since Team Blue won our annual Red vs Blue closing event, this year generously sponsored by Kenmac Energy, and things weren’t looking promising for them at this year’s event either, which, like last year, featured a consolidation of points from several events, culminating in the Friday evening and Saturday Finale. Going into the Skins format finale, Team Red was leading by 9594.5 to 9408.5 points, and there was no change after the Friday evening Skins curling, as both sides won the same amount of Skins dollars, $35,000. Following round 2 on Saturday morning, Red was still ahead $106,000 to $97,000. But, read on, because it “ain’t over till it’s over”!

While the teams battled it out on the ice on Saturday, there was lots of activity off the ice too, with some of Mary’s Cornwall Bakery’s delicious cinnamon rolls, blueberry biscuits, and other treats for breakfast,  plus Sam’s famous pizza for lunch. 

Teams also enjoyed a drink or two, won some prizes in trivia etc. and had a great time!

Meanwhile back on the ice,  things changed dramatically in the third and final round, as Blue came alive, taking control of the scoreboard for many of the games. For example, Blue team Brent Irving got NO skins at all on Friday, picked up a narrow $1000 win in game two, and took ALL the Skins in their third game. There was also an exciting battle between the Paul Neima and David Fullerton rinks, with some confusion over the draw-to-the-button rules, but they eventually got the game finished!

At the end of the day, the points were tallied, with Blue pulling ahead in the final round to capture the Finale event $178,000 to $165,000, giving them both the Finale win and the overall multiple-event victory, too! The teams then headed upstairs for a delicious turkey dinner and the Winner’s Circle.

Team Joe Callaghan was the top Team Blue Skins earner ($42,000) and was presented with gift certificates from event sponsor Kenmac Energy.

Team Callaghan (L-R): Laura Stapleton, Donald Weeks, Joe Callaghan, Tyler Davies.

Joe sweeping a red rock out of the scoring zone.

Team Red’s Garth Cudmore rink tied with Team Callaghan, also winning $42,000 in total Skins, and also received Kenmac Gift Certificates, as did Team Blue’s Angus Davies team, next with $40,000 in total Skins.

Team Garth Cudmore (L-R): Shawn Martin, Darlene MacQuarrie, Megan Davies, Garth Cudmore

Team Angus Davies (L-R): Colleen MacDonald, Angus Davies, Tyler Davies (spare), Linda Fairhurst (spare)

Team Red’s Hank Kamphuis squad didn’t go home empty-handed, either, receiving the coveted “Sportsmanship” award, also from Kenmac!

Team Hank Kamphuis (L-R): Shauna McGill, Kim Muise, Hank Kamphuis, Italo Marzari

There were also a number of individual door prizes presented too.

Thanks again to everyone who participated  — see you next season! Thanks also to our major event sponsor, Kenmac Energy, to everyone who helped out, including drawmaster Paul Neima who had to redo the draw several times due to last-minute changes, to organizers Shauna, Amanda, and Sharon, to Manager Lori, Skins banker Angela, icemaker Brent, plus the food caterers, our bartenders, and all our sponsors!

Here’s our event photo gallery. Click on a picture to enlarge and swipe or use arrows to go ahead and back. Photos by Amanda, Shauna, and Derek.

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Team Blue comes on strong in last draw of Finale Day Two to win Kenmac Energy Red and Blue event! — 1 Comment

  1. Although we’re not there, Marjorie is really happy for the BLUE team victory and I, of course, am mourning the RED team loss. Great pics as always.