Wednesday Ladder League Update – MODIFIED SCHEDULE!

We will only have TWO sheets of ice available this evening and to keep the Ladder League schedule intact Derek has requested we do the draws tonight on a MODIFIED SCHEDULE.

Each team will play 4-end games (see schedule below)

We highly recommend the teams playing at 7:30pm and 9:30pm arrive early to be ready to go on the ice as soon as possible – and grab a drink beforehand!

    Sheet 3 Sheet 4
4-end games
6:30 pm
B1-Callin vs B5-McInnis B6-Callaghan vs B2-Neima 
7:30 pm
B8-Kamphuis vs B4-Watts B3-Gallant vs B7-Younker
8:30 pm
A1 -Boswall vs A5-Robertson  A6-Groves vs A2-Currie
9:30 pm
A8-C.MacKenzie vs A4-T.MacKenzie A3-Joostema vs A7-MacDonald


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