Currie, Callaghan teams win Wed. Eve. Ladder League round 1. Next round starts Dec. 21

Round one of the Wednesday Evening Ladder League wrapped up Dec. 14, with the team of Karen Currie, Angela Sanderson, Melissa Creighton, Sharon Campbell, and Jenine Bodner going 5-2 win-loss to capture the “A” pool, while the Joe Callaghan rink, which includes Terry MacCormac, Amber Robb, and Clara Jack, won the “B”, also with a 5-2 record. Teams skipped by Greg Groves and Mark MacDonald also had only 2 losses in Pool A, but one of their losses was to Currie. Callaghan beat the other 5-2 teams, skipped by Paul Neima and Doug Callin in Pool B. 

Left to Right: “A” Pool winners Karen Currie, Angela Sanderson, Sharon Campbell, Jenine Bodner. Missing from photo: Melissa Creighton

Right to Left: Joe Callaghan, Amber Robb, Terry MacCormac. Missing from photo: Clara Jack

Teams Callaghan, Neima, and Callin will be climbing the ladder to the “A” pool for Round 2, starting December 21st, while teams skipped by Peter Joostema, Colin MacKenzie, and Greg Robertson will be descending the ladder to pool B.

There were 4 teams with 4 losses in the “A” pool, skipped by Norman Boswall, Tyler MacKenzie, Greg Robertson, and Colin MacKenzie, so determining the last two spots to drop down was complicated, The Colin MacKenzie rink volunteered to drop down, leaving only 1 spot. 

None of these teams beat both of the others, so we look at point differentials between the three affected teams. Nov. 30 game between Robertson and Boswall was scheduled for 8 ends while the rest of the games that evening were 4 ends, so we have divided points in the 8 end game by 2.

Boswall: Points for vs T.MacKenzie 6
Points against (vs Robertson) divided by 2: 3.5
Point differential: 2.5

T.MacKenzie: Points for vs Robertson 7
Points against vs Boswall 6 
Point differential: 1

Robertson: Points for vs Boswall 3.5
Points against vs MacKenzie: 7
Points differential: minus 3.5

Robertson had a minus point differential and will go to B.

Here are the teams for Round Two (order within each pool generated randomly):

A Pool B Pool
A1-Neima B1-Younker
A2-Groves B2-C.MacKenzie
A3-Boswall B3-Gallant
A4-MacDonald B4-Robertson
A5-Callaghan B5-Watts
A6-Currie B6-McInnis
A7-T.MacKenzie B7-Joostema
A8-Callin B8-Kamphuis


Round Two Draw and Schedule (drag to see full table on narrow touchscreens):

Date Time Ice 1 Ice 2 Ice 3 Ice 4
Dec. 21
6:30 pm
A4-MacDonald vs A7-T.MacKenzie A6-Currie vs A3-Boswall A8-Callin vs A1-Neima A2-Groves vs A5-Callaghan
8:30 pm
B4-Robertson vs B7-Joostema B6-McInnis vs B3-Gallant B8-Kamphuis vs B1-Younker B2-C.MacKenzie vs B5-Watts
Dec. 28 No curling (annual Christmas week ice maintenance)
Jan 4
6:30 pm
B6-McInnis vs B1-Younker B4-Robertson vs B5-Watts B2-C.MacKenzie vs B7-Joostema B8-Kamphuis vs B3-Gallant
8:30 pm
A6-Currie vs A1-Neima A4-MacDonald vs A5-Callaghan A2-Groves vs A7-T.MacKenzie A8-Callin vs A3-Boswall
Jan 11
6:30 pm
A2-Groves vs A8-Callin  A7-T.MacKenzie vs A1-Neima A5-Callaghan vs A3-Boswall A4-MacDonald vs A6-Currie
8:30 pm
B2-C.MacKenzie vs B8-Kamphuis B7-Joostema vs B1-Younker B5-Watts vs B3-Gallant B4-Robertson vs B6-McInnis 
Jan 18
6:30 pm
B1-Younker vs B3-Gallant B2-C.MacKenzie vs B4-Robertson B6-McInnis vs
B5-Watts vs B7-Joostema
8:30 pm
A1-Neima vs 
A2-Groves vs A4-MacDonald A6-Currie vs A8-Callin  A5-Callaghan vs A7-T.MacKenzie
Jan 25
6:30 pm
A1-Neima vs A5-Callaghan A6-Currie vs A2-Groves  A8-Callin vs A4-MacDonald A3-Boswall vs A7-T.MacKenzie
8:30 pm
B1-Younker vs B5-Watts  B6-McInnis vs B2-C.MacKenzie B8-Kamphuis vs B4-Robertson B3-Gallant vs B7-Joostema
Feb 1 W6  6:30 pm
B3-Gallant vs B2-C.MacKenzie B5-Watts vs B8-Kamphuis B7-Joostema vs B6-McInnis B1 -Younker vs B4-Robertson
8:30 pm 
A3-Boswall vs A2-Groves A5-Callaghan vs A8-Callin A7-T.MacKenzie vs A6-Currie A1-Neima  vs A4-MacDonald
Feb 8
6:30 pm
A5-Callaghan vs A6-Currie A1-Neima  vs A2-Groves A3-Boswall vs A4-MacDonald A7-T.MacKenzie vs A8-Callin
8:30 pm
B5-Watts vs B6-McInnis B1-Younker vs B2-C.MacKenzie B3-Gallant vs B4-Robertson B7-Joostema vs B8-Kamphuis
Feb. 15 First night of Round Three

Reminder to teams to be sure to mark the scoresheet following your game.

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