Groves and Callaghan teams win Wed. Ladder League final round

Despite having an undefeated team in each pool going into the final draw night, all teams were out in full force for the exciting conclusion of the Wednesday Evening Ladder League! We are pleased to report that we got a full three-round draw in this year, although one night featured four-end games as two sheets were unavailable due to ice issues.

In the “B” Pool, the previously-undefeated Greg Groves rink came out on the short end of a close and hard-fought battle, with the Doug Callin foursome pulling out the win, although team Groves took the round. Greg didn’t want a picture, as they were running with a couple of spares, so we have honoured his request. Regular team members were Greg, third Donald Weeks, second Cathy MacDougall, and lead Marjorie Matthews.

(L-R): Joe Callaghan, Clara Jack, Amber Robb, Terry MacCormac

Up the ladder in the “A” Pool, there were some very exciting games on the final night, including a game-winning hit through a narrow port for Mark MacDonald, but over on the next sheet, Joe Callaghan and his team stayed undefeated, sweeping their seventh win in a row, aided by a five-ender against the Boswall rink. This gives Callaghan and his squad of Clara Jack, Amber Robb, and Terry MacCormac pool wins in all three draws this year – the “B” pool in round one, and the “A” pool in rounds two and three! 

It’s been another great season — hope to see everyone back in the fall!

  • Derek MacEwen, Wednesday Evening Ladder League Drawmaster
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