Red & Blue Spiel/40th Anniversary Wrap Up

The Red & Blue Spiel/40th Anniversary weekend was a resounding success – with over 100 people involved in the curling and even more people attending the Anniversary Banquet.

The Red Team entered the weekend with a lead in the points, but for the second year in a row the Blue Team staged a weekend comeback to retain bragging rights for another year!

Final Standings:
Red Team: 385,000
Blue Team: 427,000

Those scores included not only the weekend games, but Monday’s Junior draw, Tuesday’s Novice draw, Wednesday’s Stick Curling round robin, and Friday’s U18 Learn to Curl draw.  

The top five teams were:
1. Blue Team 2 (46,000): Annika Kelly, Barry Craswell, Travis Jones, Chuck Sawatasky, Karen Hardy, and John Dunsford. 
2. Red Team 8 (44,000): Danny Kneabone, Angela Sanderson, Elric MacDonald, and Rob Shannon
3. Blue Team 9 (43,000): Joe Callaghan, Lee Nickerson, Nate MacRae, Derek MacEwen, and Clara Jack.
4. Blue Team 6 (40,000): Paul Neima, John Clark, Mike MacDonald, and Melanie Melanson.
5. Blue Team 7 (38,000): Donald Weeks, Norman Boswall, Bruce MacKenzie, Amy Duncan, Yvonne Barbour, and Sam Gagnon.

The Spirit Award went to Red Team 11.

The Banquet was a great experience as well! Once again, Al’s Catering provided a wonderful turkey dinner.  

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Door prizes, which had been donated by local businesses and Club members, were awarded during the banquet. 

Joanne & Paul Durant – Paul was the lucky recipient of two rounds of golf as a door prize!

Speeches and recognition of the 40th Anniversary of the Club were given by Club President Shauna McGill, MLA Mark McLane, MP Heath MacDonald and Judy Herlihy, on behalf of the Town of Cornwall.

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Several of the founding members and Board members were in attendance as was a special 40th Anniversary cake!

Club Founders!

The founding members and board of the Club deserve our gratitude for their hard work and dedication in founding the Club.  We also took a picture with every current and former board member in attendance at the event – the founding members got the Club off the ground and they have passed the torch on to successive groups of individuals who have kept it going.  

Past and current Board of Directors members present at the banquet.

In addition to curling and the banquet, a great time was had socializing between draws.  One of the best parts of the Red & Blue Spiel is the coming together of so many of our members – many that don’t see each other regularly during the season since they curl on different nights.  

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And the wrap up of the Red & Blue and 40th Anniversary wouldn’t be complete without many thanks to all those who helped organize it. Several of our founding members were involved in the planning, as were members of the daytime committee, the board of directors, and other Club members.  In addition we had well over 30 members and businesses donate door prizes.  

Shauna McGill & Sharon Campbell lead the Spiel Committee for the Board of Directors and put in countless hours in preparation for these events!

Thank you to everyone who made the spiel and anniversary celebration a success!

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