It is inevitable that someone will have to miss a game over the course of a curling season – but what do you do if you can’t make it out for a game?

At our club it is the responsibility of each individual curler to find a spare for their team.  To assist with this we collate a SPARE LIST of other members of the club who might be available to cover a game during your league.  

A good place to begin is the bye team if your league has one – we’ll be sending out contact information for draw members near the beginning of the season. 

Every adult membership (excluding social memberships) give you the right to spare in any other league for no additional costs.  

To assist with the gathering of information for the spare list, tables in the club will have spare list sign ups on them for the next couple of weeks. 

You can also fill out a simple Google Form at: that will provide us the same information.

These forms will be combined and posted on the bulletin board between the bar and the pro shop and will be updated as further information becomes available.  Additionally, if you need a copy of the list you can email the club manager and he will add you to an email list that will receive updates as they are available.

To protect privacy we ask that these forms not be shared publicly online.  

NOTE:  Non-club members can spare as well, but need to pay a $15 drop-in fee before going on the ice.  

Post last modified: Oct 25, 2023 @ 3:22 pm

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