Wed. eve. Ladder League Round One set to go

Here are the pools for Round One of the Wednesday Evening Ladder League, following Qualifier Night on Oct. 25 (please let us know if we have someone in the wrong pool!). There were some extremely close games on Qualifier Night, including one where the Kelly Watts team edged out the Paul Neima squad on the second draw to the button tiebreaker!

A Pool B Pool
A9-MacDonald B9-Beaton
A7-Boswall B7-Hanzell
A2-McInnis B2-Callin
A4-Milligan B4-Griffin
A1-Stewart B1-Arsenault
A5-MacKenzie B5-Younker
A6-Groves  B6-Bodner
A3-Watts B3-Neima
A8-Whynot B8-Kamphuis

The A Pool teams get the 6:30 pm early draw the first week, as they had the 8:30 pm late draw the last week of last season.

We will give teams MacDonald and Beaton their byes in Week 9, as they had byes on Qualifier Night.

Team Milligan requested a bye on November 8, so we will give them and Team Griffin their byes in Week 2.

Team Watts requested a bye on Nov. 15, so we will give them and Team Neima byes on that date.

A member of Team Groves requested a “November bye”, so we will give them and Team Bodner byes on Nov. 22.

Here is the draw and schedule for Round One:

  Ice 1 Ice 2 Ice 3 Ice 4 Bye
Wk1: Nov. 1 6:30 A Pool A4-Milligan v A1-Stewart A2-McInnis v A9-MacDonald A6-Groves vs A3-Watts A5-MacKenzie v A7-Boswall A8-Whynot
Wk1: Nov. 1 8:30
B Pool
B4-Griffin v B1-Arsenault B2-Callin v B9-Beaton B6-Bodner v B3-Neima B5-Younker v B7-Hanzell B8-Kamphuis
Wk2: Nov. 8 6:30
B Pool
B2-Callin v B5-Younker B8-Kamphuis v B6-Bodner  B7-Hanzell v B1-Arsenault B9-Beaton v B3-Neima B4-Griffin
Wk2: Nov. 8 8:30
A Pool
A2-McInnis v A5-MacKenzie A8-Whynot v A6-Groves A7-Boswall v A1-Stewart A9-MacDonald v A3-Watts A4-Milligan
Wk3: Nov. 15 6:30
A Pool
A9-MacDonald v A7-Boswall A5-MacKenzie v A4-Milligan A8-Whynot A2-McInnis A1-Stewart v A6-Groves A3-Watts
Wk3: Nov. 15 8:30
B Pool
B9-Beaton v B7-Hanzell B5-Younker v B4-Griffin B8-Kamphuis v B2-Callin B1-Arsenault v B6-Bodner  B3-Neima
Wk4: Nov. 22 6:30
B Pool
B1-Arsenault v B8-Kamphuis B7-Hanzell v B3-Neima B5-Younker v B9-Beaton B2-Callin v B4-Griffin B6-Bodner
Wk4: Nov. 22 8:30
A Pool
A1-Stewart v A8-Whynot A7-Boswall v A3-Watts A5-MacKenzie v A9-MacDonald A2-McInnis v A4-Milligan A6-Groves
Wk5: Nov. 29 6:30 A Pool A3-Watts v A2-McInnis A9-MacDonald v A1-Stewart A4-Milligan v A6-Groves A8-Whynot v A5-MacKenzie A7-Boswall
Wk5: Nov. 29 8:30 B Pool B3-Neima v B2-Callin B9-Beaton v B1-Arsenault B4-Griffin v B6-Bodner  B8-Kamphuis v B5-Younker B7-Hanzell
Wk6: Dec. 6 6:30 B Pool B6-Bodner v B9-Beaton B4-Griffin v B8-Kamphuis B2-Callin v B7-Hanzell B3-Neima v B1-Arsenault B5-Younker
Wk6: Dec. 6 8:30 A Pool A6-Groves v A9-MacDonald A4-Milligan v A8-Whynot A2-McInnis v A7-Boswall A3-Watts v A1-Stewart A5-MacKenzie
Wk7:  Dec. 13 6:30 A Pool A7-Boswall v A4-Milligan A3-Watts v A5-MacKenzie A9-MacDonald v A8-Whynot A6-Groves v A2-McInnis A1-Stewart
Wk7: Dec. 13 8:30 B Pool B7-Hanzell v B4-Griffin B3-Neima v B5-Younker B9-Beaton v B8-Kamphuis B6-Bodner v B2-Callin B1-Arsenault
Wk8: Dec. 20 6:30 B Pool B8-Kamphuis v B3-Neima B6-Bodner v B7-Hanzell B1-Arsenault v B5-Younker B4-Griffin v B9-Beaton B2-Callin
Wk8: Dec. 20 8:30 A Pool A8-Whynot v A3-Watts A6-Groves v A7-Boswall A1-Stewart v A5-MacKenzie A4-Milligan v A9-MacDonald A2-McInnis
Wk9:Jan. 3 6:30 A Pool A5-MacKenzie v A6-Groves A1-Stewart v A2-McInnis A3-Watts v A4-Milligan A7-Boswall v A8-Whynot A9-MacDonald
Wk9: Jan. 3 8:30 B Pool B5-Younker v B6-Bodner  B1-Arsenault v B2-Callin B3-Neima v B4-Griffin B7-Hanzell v B8-Kamphuis B9-Beaton

(Drag to scroll left or right to view entire table on narrow touchscreens).

Click this link to download a printable version: Wed. eve Round One


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