Ch’town Curling Club Import League

A warm welcome to the new Friday evening “Charlottetown Curling Club Import League”!

As most curlers know, the Charlottetown Curling Club is having issues with their ice plant at the moment, but are hoping to resume curling in the new year. During these trying times for them, we are doing our best to find ice time for them at our Club. Several of their competitive teams who need to get on the ice early in the season chose to join leagues here, but space quickly filled up. Another group, who we/they are calling the “Charlottetown Curling Club Imports”, approached us for ice time to form a league until their ice is ready in the new year. Although ice time is scarce, we are happy to take them on and would like to welcome them to our Club!

The schedule for the new “Imports” league is as follows:

1. Friday, November 20th: 7:30 pm 
There will be an orientation from 7:10 pm to 7:30 for our Club Operational Plan as approved by the Chief Provincial Health Office. This is a highly recommended orientation. A skip or team rep from each team, at least, must attend and pass the information on to any teammates who do not attend.

2. Friday, November 27th; 6:30 pm
3. Friday, December 4th: 6:30 pm
4. Friday, December 11th: 6:30 pm
5. Friday, December 18th: 6:30 pm
Closed for Christmas and New Years (and ice maintenance)
6. Friday, January 8th: 6:30 pm
7. *Friday, January 15th, 6:30 pm
(This will depend on the schedule for the Provincial Mixed Doubles Curling Championship which is being hosted here at Cornwall. If we are unable to offer ice because of this event, we will add an ice time for February 5th)
(No league on January 22nd as we are planning to schedule our annual Kenmac Energy Bonspiel at that time. Import League members are welcome to sign up for it).
8. Friday, January 29th: 6:30 pm
* Friday, February 5th 6:30 pm if not able to have ice for January 15th.
League fees: $92.00+HST of $13.80, plus Curl PEI Fee of $15.00, plus Curling Canada Fee of $2.00 =$132.80 for 8 weeks of curling.
To register online for this league, visit: 
If paying by cash, cheque, or debit instead of Credit Card, you should select “Cash/Cheque” when asked at the bottom left-hand corner “How would you like to pay?”, and then pay at the Club.
You can also register in person at the Club between 9 and 5 Mon-Fri.  Please register/pay before the first night to avoid lineups, as in-person registrations take about 10 minutes each. All curlers need to register and pay in advance of going on the ice the first evening.

Import League members are requested to visit our website and subscribe to email notifications of our website posts and/or “Like” our Facebook page or subscribe to our Twitter feed (our website posts also go automatically to Facebook and Twitter) to receive ongoing member information. We also have additional information on Facebook and Instagram. Links to all of these are on the website.

Those subscribing to the email feed will have to approve an email notification that they will receive, agreeing to receive emails from the Club (this is required by law under the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation). If you don’t get one, check your “Spam” or “Junk” folder, as occasionally they end up there, and mark the sender as “Safe”.

Once again, welcome!, and we sincerely hope everything is working again at the Charlottetown Curling Club in the new year!