Monday evening Mixed and Commercial Leagues 2019-20

There are two separate leagues on Monday evenings:

Single-entry mixed

The Monday Mixed Curling evening draw is a “single-entry mixed” league with a 6:30 start time. It is open to all Club members, and because there is only one draw for this league, there are often limited spaces. After registration deadlines are met, the teams are composed and posted by the Draw Master.  Approximately every six to seven weeks the teams are switched up!
The Draw Master will attempt to balance teams and positions based on player ability, as much as possible.
You will play a round-robin against the other teams and have a “bye” one week (where you don’t curl). (Teams are encouraged to use the “bye” team for spares.)
At the end of the round prizes are presented to the winning team.
The process is repeated, with new teams made up for the 2nd and 3rd rounds.
[Make sure you purchase a membership too](/products).

Commercial League

Our Commercial League is a great way to get together with your co-workers (outside of work) or friends on a weekly basis. It runs Monday nights from 8:30-10:30 with a fixed price for the team for the season. The curlers can change from week to week if you want, so you can rotate many curlers and handle work travel and vacations, too! Contact your employer to put in a team, or have your co-workers or friends all chip in!

This is a fun league for all ages and any combination of male and/or female curlers. The bar will, of course, be open!

For more info, or to enter a team, email

—-  2019-2020 season info  ———————
Here is the revised 6:30 pm Monday evening Single Entry teams and draw for Round Three, sponsored by Leary’s, Your Independent Grocer, here in Cornwall.

(swipe to see entire table on small touchscreens)

Cornwall Curling Club           
Monday Night           
Early Draw            
Team Lists            
31Kim NicholsonMike MacDonaldColleen MacDonaldKristen Campbell 
32Paul NeimaGloria TurnerItalo MarzariDonna Musto 
33Danny KneaboneAlan MasonStephanie O’KeefeDarlene Howlett 
34Karen CurrieMelody BeckJeff HannanDave MacSwain 
35Greg GrovesDonald WeeksChris MacDougallSharon Campbell 
36Angus DaviesBrad GardinerMeagan DaviesAmanda MacIntosh 
37Bryan SutherlandDebby SigsworthRick NeumeyerByron Lindsay          
38David FullertonKim Pippy               Claude SheaKatelyn Burgoyne 
39Lorianne DaviesDarren MacKinnonElric MacDonaldLacey Gallant 
Rnd.#Wk.#DateIce #1vs.Ice #2vs.Ice #3vs.Ice #4vs.Bye  
3110 Feb 2020923456781  
3217 Feb 2020196745238  
3324 Feb 2020315274869  
3402 Mar 2020584927163  
3509 Mar 2020637912845  
3616 Mar 2020412859376  
3723 Mar 2020759381624  
* Highlighted game is exhibition only and points will not contribute to these teams’ total score.   


Round Two

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Here are Monday night single entry team rosters and draw/schedule at 6:30 pm for Round 2, sponsored by Enwave Energy Corporation / PEI Energy Systems.

Monday 6:30 Draw Update for Dec. 23

Monday evening, Dec. 23rd, 6:30 Draw, will not be a regular league night.  Due to the large number of members that are not available, we will reschedule the Dec. 23rd draw and will play it on Jan. 6th, 2020. 

If players still wish to curl Monday evening, teams will be made up with the members who show up at the club.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Brad and Stephanie
Monday 6:30 pm drawmasters

Team .#SkipMateSecondLead
1Paul NeimaMike MacDonaldStephanie O’KeefeSharon Campbell
2Danny KneaboneDebby SigsworthItalo MarzariKatelyn Burgoyne
3Karen CurrieBrad GardinerDave MacSwainLacey Gallant
4Greg GrovesMelody BeckJeff HannanElric MacDonald
5Angus DaviesDonald WeeksColleen MacDonaldKristen Campbell
6Bryan SutherlandAlan MasonMeagan DaviesAmanda MacIntosh
7David FullertonGloria TurnerChris MacDougallBryon Lindsay         
8Lorianne DaviesKim Pippy               Rick NeumeyerDonna Musto
9Kim NicholsonDarren MacKinnonClaude SheaDarlene Howlett
Wk.#DateIce #1vs.Ice #2vs.Ice #3vs.Ice #4vs.Bye 
109 Dec 2019123456789
216 Dec 2019896745231
No regular draw this week due to unavailability of many players. Teams will be made up with the members who show up at the club.
306 Jan 2020315274968
Jan 2020
Jan 2020
Jan 2020
73 Feb. 2020759381624
* Yellow Highlighted game is exhibition only and points will not contribute to these teams’ total score.


Round One:

Here are the team rosters and draw for round one of the 6:30 pm Monday Evening Single Entry Mixed league, sponsored by Montana’s BBQ and Bar, Charlottetown.
The Commercial League follows at 8:30

 Monday Night 6:30 pmSingle Entry League Round One 
  Team Rosters  
      Skip   Third      Second            Lead 
Team 1 Lorianne DaviesMelody
David MacSwainKristen Campbell 
Team 2Kim NicholsonDebby
Rick NeumeyerAmanda MacIntosh 
Team 3Bryan SutherlandGloria
Colleen MacDonaldElric MacDonald 
Team 4Angus DaviesKim
Italo MarzariDarlene Howlett 
Team 5Gregory GrovesMike
Lacey Gallant 
Team 6Danny KneaboneDonald
Claude Shea Sharon Campbell 
Team 7Paul NeimaAlan MasonChris MacDougallDonna Musto 
Team 8 Karen Currie.Stephanie O’KeefeDarren MacKinnonByron Lindsay 
Team 9David FullertonBrad GardinerMegan DaviesKatelyn Burgoyne 
21-OctLDavies V CurrieNicholson
V Neima
V Kneabone
V Groves
28-OctNeima V FullertonLDavies V
V Groves
V ADavies
04-NovNicholson V  ADaviesLDavies
V Groves
Kneabone V FullertonNeima V CurrieSutherland
V Currie
Groves V
LDavies V  ADaviesNicholson V SutherlandNeima
18-NovGroves V Neima ADavies
V Currie
V Fullerton
LDavies V  NicholsonKneabone
25-Nov ADavies V KneaboneSutherland V NeimaNicholson V CurrieLDavies V FullertonGroves
02-DecSutherland V Groves Nicholson V KneaboneLDavies V NeimaCurrie V Fullerton ADavies
09-DecLDavies V Sutherland ADavies V FullertonGroves V CurrieKneabone V Neima Nicholson
16-DecNicholson V FullertonSutherland V Currie ADavies V NeimaGroves V KneaboneLDavies
  Spare Curlers for Monday Nights.T.B.A.  
NOTE:  Both Draw Masters (Brad Gardiner & Stephanie O’Keefe) are unavailable for week 1.
 Week 1 – Spare required for Stephanie in Team 8 (Currie) – Mate.  
 Anyone interested in playing as a spare can be added to the list. 
 Contact – Doug Campbell at: