Sunday Mixed Doubles League

Welcome to our inaugural Sunday evening Mixed Doubles League, with nine teams signed up!

Sam’s Family Restaurant in Cornwall is the Round One sponsor.

Cornwall Curling Mixed Doubles

Sunday, Mar 3/19

6:30PM Draw


Ice 1: C. Smith/L. Ferguson vs K. Schut/D. Schut

Ice 2: A. Kennedy/C. Jones vs B. Irving/A. Sanderson

Ice 3: C. MacKenzie/A. Burris vs K. Younker/R. Gallant

Ice 4: Game cancelled, ice available

Here is the round 2 schedule:

Round 2 Teams:

  1. Angus Kennedy, Carrie Jones 
  2. Brent Irving, Angela Sanderson
  3. Colin MacKenzie, Alexis Burris
  4. Kellie-Lynn Younker, Rob Gallant
  5. Calvin Smith, Lauren Ferguson
  6. Kayla Schut, Devin Schut
  7. Sydney Howatt, Nick Johnston
  8. Paul Durant, Joanne Durant
  9. Rachel O’Connor, Ryan Abraham

Round 2 Draw/Schedule