Upstreet Craft Brewing Tuesday Evening League

Upstreet Tuesday Competitive League EXTENDED Schedule

To maximize the available ice time the Upstreet Tuesday Competitive League has been extended:

The new schedule is: 


Upstreet Tuesday Competitive Round Two Schedule

The Upstreet Tuesday Competitive League will resume on Tuesday, January 17th.

Please note – Bill and Sandy Hope will be leaving the Island soon so we’ll need a new Drawmaster for Tuesday night after February 28th, if you are interested in that position please speak with Travis or Bill


Upstreet Tuesday Competitive Schedule

Updated Schedule:  December 20, 2022


Here is the UPDATED and REVISED schedule for the UPSTREET Tuesday Night Curling League following our postponement of the round on November 29th.  


NOTE: The initial posting of this had an time error – these are the updated files!

revised new draw for Do Gooder division 2022 with 9 teams – updatedrevised new draw for Commons division 2022 with 9 teams – updated —-Here is the schedule for the first round of the UPSTREET Tuesday Night Curling League for 2022-2023!

Commons Division Draw – PDF
Commons Division Team Record – Excel
Do Gooder Division Draw – PDF
Do Gooder Division Team Record – Excel


New Upstreet Tuesday evening league draws

Here are the Upstreet Craft Brewing Commons and Do Gooder Division Draws for Tuesday evening.

PDF: new draw for Spring Do Gooder Division 2022 with 9 teams

PDF:Spring Commons Division 2022

Team Record Sheets (Excel):

Do Gooder division excel sheet 9 team record for Spring 2021-2022 season

Commons division excel sheet 9 team record for Spring 2021-2022 season


Tuesday eve. Upstreet curling returns on Feb. 8th!

As was announced earlier, we are VERY excited to let you know that team curling is starting up again, using groups, referred to as “Pods” of up to four teams!

Our Tuesday Evening Upstreet Craft Brewing Tuesday Evening league starts up on February 8th

Here is the draw:

Click to download in PDF format: draw revised start for Tuesday Night league 2022

Circle the winning team, Please, under the date played.



League Description:

Our Tuesday Evening League has two curling times: at 6:30 and at 8:30.
(Your team will curl a mixture of both time slots, the Draw Master will endeavor to balance the draw so all teams play an equal amount of early and late times throughout the season).
This is our most competitive league, generally for our more experienced teams/curlers (many of which enter provincial competitions!). This is a team entry league; however, if you are looking for a competitive team please contact the club and we will pass your name onto the Draw Master (who may be able to refer you to a team). Returning teams have priority. Junior teams age 13 and over are welcome on a space-available basis. Teams play two round-robins. A playoff round will take place at the end of the season, with prizes awarded.

Upstreet Craft Brewing Tuesday Night Curling League Round One Draws for 2021-22 Season

Here is the round 1 draw for the Commons and Do Gooder divisions of the Upstreet Craft Brewing Tuesday Night Curling League.

All curlers should arrive at the club early in order for the club to administer/ view and record vaccination records,  and to distribute fundraising tickets.

Curlers should bring proof of being fully vaccinated and a government-issued ID.
All those who have not registered for the league should contact the Club Manager at 902-566-4427 or to register BEFORE the league begins Tuesday evening  
All curlers should have paid for their 2021-22 memberships (either in full or half payment) before going on the ice, If you have not yet paid, we ask that you arrive early in order to do so.
Thank you and Happy Curling!

Teams were placed in each division according to last year’s final results using the CCA method of :
Commons division: 1,4,5,8,9,12,13,16 + new team Smith
Do Gooder division: 2,3,6,7,10,11,14,15 +new team Casey
X – denotes a bye for that team

Description of draw: Find your team and the date you are playing. The ice number is designated for 2 teams to play on that sheet of ice. For example: On Oct 26th Durant against Schut on ice #3 in the Do Gooder division – Kennedy against S. Hope on ice #1 – Doherty against Casey on ice #2 and MacLean against Spence on ice #4. Berry has the bye.
Notice the ice time rotates between 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm each week. This allows for consistency, maintaining group consistency and equal early and late draws. Any missed draws due to weather etc. are moved to the end of the schedule to maintain equal amounts of early and late draws over the course of the round.
At the end of this round we will reset the teams according to points gained during this round. Win 12 pts., Loss 6 pts. and a Tie 9 pts. We will reset after Dec 21st for round 2 in the new year. Good luck and good curling!!

Bill Hope – Drawmaster

Commons Division

Printable PDF Version: new draw for Commons division 2021 with 9 teams

Do Gooder Division:

Printable PDF version: new draw for Do Gooder division 2021 with 9 teams