Wednesday Wally’s Pharmasave Daytime Competitive League 2019-2020


League Description:

Our ‘Daytime Competitive League’ draws take place on Wednesdays at 12:30-2 pm. (However we can have 10:00 am until 12 noon draw for overflow.)
You must hold a Daytime Membership Profile/Product option to curl in this league, or purchase Drop-In tickets.
Wednesday Daytime Team League is a team entry league (although if you are new and/or unable to find a team, we will attempt to find a team who may need a curler).
The league start date is always TBA: once curlers have some idea who is curling in the daytime and which members may be available to form teams.
This is our weekly daytime team-entry league, open to curlers of all ages who are available to curl during the day.
The teams play a full round-robin against the other teams, with prizes awarded to the winners.

Wally’s Pharmasave Wednesday Daytime League wrapping up for the season this week – Full Drop-in curling draw Wed. mornings

The Wally’s Pharmasave Wednesday Daytime Competitive League is wrapping up this week with a playoff round. Teams Craswell and Hope are playing this Wednesday afternoon, and a Craswell win will give them the Championship. If they lose, the Shirley Berry team will be awarded the title. Teams Sweetapple and Sutherland are also playing at the same time. Come on out, have a coffee, and watch the action!
Starting this Wednesday, a full Drop-In draw will be available each Wednesday morning at 10.
Thanks to sponsor Wally’s Pharmasave and all the teams for a great season!

The draw for the Wednesday Daytime Competitive League, sponsored by Wally’s Pharmasave in Cornwall, through February 26 is set. 15 teams have signed up, so they will be using 3 sheets of ice on Wednesday mornings at 10, and 4 in the afternoon at 12:30. The draw will be available in the Draws section of and in the Wednesday Guardian Sports Notes.
One team will have a bye each week. 
Drawmasters: Paul and Joanne Durant

Team Rosters

Shirley Barry, Janice Murdoch, Arleen Harris, Gloria Turner
Paul Durant, Eugene Murphy, Carolyn Crockett, Joanne Durant
Sandy Hope, Debbie Rhodenhizer, Nancy MacFadyen, Karen Hardy
Carol Sweetapple, Carlene Peters, Helen Smith, Bernie Field
Danny Kneabone, Karen Currie, Al MacCormac,  Roger Desroches
Tom Dunn, Frank Weiler, Lloyd Pollard, Linda Fairhurst
Vern Chowan, Kimball Blanchard, Marg Stewart, Jean Anderson
Lester Callbeck, Vince Fisher, Cliff Sentner, Dave O’Hanley
Paul Arsenault, Ron Giggey, Al Acorn, Edgar Coffin
Bryan Sutherland, Etta Reid, Elaine Hughes, Dick MacKinnon
Barry Craswell, Roy Coffin, Myrna Craswell, Myrna Sanderson
Joe Gill, Ron Diamond, Archie MacKinnon, Doug Campbell
Donald Weeks, TBA, Jeff Hannam,  TBA             
Paul Field, Diane MacKay, Janette Fraser, Hazen Lenentine
Busher Stuckey, Linda Stuckey, Irene Fraser, Cecil Fraser


Nov. 6
10:00 am
Ice 1. Durant vs Weeks
Ice 2. Stuckey vs Arsenault
Ice 3. Kneabone vs Callbeck
12:30 pm
Ice 1. Dunn vs Chowan
Ice 2. Field vs Sutherland
Ice 3. Sweetapple vs Craswell
Ice 4. Hope vs Gill
Bye: Berry

Nov. 13
10:00 am
Ice 1. Stuckey vs Craswell
Ice 2. Callbeck vs Chowan
Ice 3. Dunn vs Weeks
12:30 pm
Ice 1. Berry vs Field
Ice 2. Kneabone vs Gill
Ice 3. Arsenault vs Sutherland
Ice 4. Sweetapple vs Durant
Bye: Hope

Nov 20
10:00 am
Ice 1. Dunn vs Sweetapple
Ice 2. Sutherland vs Craswell
Ice 3. Chowan vs Gill
Ice 1. Callbeck vs Weeks
Ice 2. Arsenault vs Berry
Ice 3. Stuckey vs Durant
Ice 4. Kneabone vs Hope
Bye: Field

Nov 27
10:00 am
Ice 1. Sutherland vs Durant
Ice 2. Gill vs Weeks
Ice 3. Craswell vs Berry
12:30 pm
Ice 1. Arsenault vs Field
Ice 2. Chowan vs Hope
Ice 3. Callbeck vs Sweetapple
Ice 4. Stuckey vs Dunn
Bye: Kneabone

Dec. 4
10:00 am
Ice 1. Callbeck vs Stuckey
Ice 2. Berry vs Durant
Ice 3. Weeks vs Hope
12:30 pm
Ice 1. Gill vs Sweetapple
Ice 2. Craswell vs Field
Ice 3. Sutherland vs Dunn
Ice 4. Chowan vs Kneabone
Bye:  Arsenault

Dec 11
10:00 am
Ice 1. Craswell vs Arsenault
Ice 2. Hope vs Sweetapple
Ice 3. Gill vs Stuckey
12:30 pm
Ice 1. Berry vs Dunn
Ice 2. Weeks vs Kneabone
Ice 3. Durant vs Field
Ice 4. Sutherland vs Callbeck
Bye:  Chowan

Dec 18
10:00 am
Ice 1. Gill vs Sutherland
Ice 2. Field vs Dunn
Ice 3. Sweetapple vs Kneabone
12:30 pm
Ice 1. Hope vs Stuckey
Ice 2. Durant vs Arsenault
Ice 3. Berry vs Callbeck
Ice 4. Weeks vs Chowan
Bye: Craswell

Dec 25. Merry Christmas!
Jan 1.    Happy New Year!

Jan 8 
Postponed to March 4 due to inclement weather

Jan 15
10:00 am
Ice 1. Berry vs Hope
Ice 2. Arsenault vs Callbeck
Ice 3. Stuckey vs Chowan
12:30 pm
Ice 1. Kneabone vs Sutherland
Ice 2. Dunn vs Craswell
Ice 3. Field vs Gill
Ice 4. Sweetapple vs Weeks
Bye: Durant

Jan 22
10:00 am
Ice 1. Dunn vs Durant
Ice 2. Chowan vs Sutherland
Ice 3. Callbeck vs Craswell
12:30 pm
Ice 1. Arsenault vs Gill
Ice 2. Stuckey vs Weeks
Ice 3. Kneabone vs Berry
Ice 4. Field vs Hope
Bye:  Sweetapple

Jan 29
10:00 am
Ice 1. Chowan vs Berry
Ice 2. Craswell vs Gill
Ice 3. Sutherland vs Weeks
12:30 pm
Ice 1. Kneabone vs Field
Ice 2. Callbeck vs Durant
Ice 3. Hope vs Arsenault
Ice 4. Stuckey vs Sweetapple
Bye:  Dunn

Feb. 5
10:00 am
Ice 1. Callbeck vs Dunn
Ice 2. Weeks vs Berry
Ice 3. Gill vs Durant
12:30 pm
Ice 1. Craswell vs Hope
Ice 2. Sutherland vs Sweetapple
Ice 3. Chowan vs Field
Ice 4. Kneabone vs Arsenault
Bye:  Stuckey

Feb 12
10:00 am
Ice 1. Chowan vs Arsenault
Ice 2. Durant vs Hope
Ice 3. Kneabone vs Craswell
12:30 pm
Ice 1. Weeks vs Field
Ice 2. Gill vs Dunn
Ice 3. Berry vs Sweetapple
Ice 4. Sutherland vs Stuckey
Bye:  Callbeck

Feb. 19
10:00 am
Ice 1. Berry vs Sutherland
Ice 2. Dunn vs Kneabone
Ice 3. Sweetapple vs Arsenault
12:30 pm
Ice 1. Field vs Stuckey
Ice 2. Hope vs Callbeck
Ice 3. Durant vs Chowan
Ice 4. Weeks vs Craswell
Bye:  Gill

Feb. 26
10:00 am
Ice 1. Craswell v Chowan
Ice 2. Durant vs Kneabone
Ice 3. Hope vs Dunn
12:30 pm
Ice 1. Sweetapple vs Field
Ice 2. Berry vs Stuckey
Ice 3. Weeks vs Arsenault
Ice 4. Gill vs Callbeck
Bye:  Sutherland

March 4
10:00 am
Ice 1. Durant vs Craswell
Ice 2. Kneabone vs Stuckey
Ice 3. Dunn vs Arsenault
12:30 pm
Ice 1. Field vs Callbeck
Ice 2. Sweetapple vs Chowan
Ice 3. Hope vs Sutherland
Ice 4. Berry vs Gill
Bye: Weeks