Wed. Daytime League

Wednesday Wally’s Pharmasave Daytime League Draw starting Feb. 23

Here is Wally’s Pharmasave Daytime League draw starting this week.

Pharmasave Division:

PDF: Wednesday Daytime FEB Division 1 Pharmasave R 2021-22

Wally’s Division:

PDF: Wednesday Daytime FEB Division 1 Wally’s R 2021-22 (1)


Wednesday Daytime Curling – Pods and Draw

Wednesday Daytime Curling

                                                                     POD Teams

A1     P.Durant 
A2     S.Berry 
A3     M.MacDonald   
A4     P.Murdoch

B1      S. Hope  
B2      D. MacKay 
B3      P. Arsenault   
B4      K.Blanchard     

C1      C. Sweetapple       
C2      B. Stuckey
C3      L.Callbeck 
C4      J.Gill

D1     B.Craswell
D2     P.Field
D3     D.Weeks
D4     B. Sutherland
D5     T.Dunn   


  Ice 1 Ice 2 Ice 3 Ice 4 Bye
Feb. 9 at 10 am A1 vs A2 A3 vs A4 B1 vs B2 B3 vs B4  
Feb. 9 at 12:30 pm C1  vs  C2    C3  vs  C4 D1 vs D2 D2 vs D4 D5
Feb. 16 at 10 am D2  vs  D3   D1  vs  D5 C1  vs  C3 C2  vs  C4 D4
Feb. 16 at 12:30 pm B1 vs B3 B2 vs B4 A1 vs A3 A2 vs A4  
Feb. 23 at 10 am A2 vs A3 A1 vs A4 B1` vs B4 B2 vs B3  
Feb. 23 at 12:30 pm C2  vs C3 C1 vs  C4 D1 vs D4 D2 vs D5 D3

Find your team and the date you are playing.  Follow the rules for staying on your side of the sheet and do not cross over to other sheets!  Thanks!


2021-22 Wednesday Daytime League starts 1st week of Nov.

The Wally’s Pharmasave Wednesday Daytime League starts November 3rd.  Here are the draws for the two divisions. We will have the Team Rosters later.

Click the link to download a printable PDF copy of the draws:

Description of draw:  Find your team and the date you are playing.  The ice number is designated for 2 teams to play on that sheet of ice.

            For example: On Nov 3rd in Wally’s Division, Craswell vs Arsenault on ice #1, Berry has the bye.           

          Notice the ice time rotates from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm each week.  This allows for consistency, maintaining group consistency and equal early and late draws. 

          A tie game is resolved by a draw to the button.

          At the end of this round, we will re-set according to the team standings. We will reset after Jan 5th for round 2.

Here are the team rosters:

Wednesday Daytime League Teams

Team Durant: Paul Durant, Eugene Murphy, Valerie Acorn, Joanne Durant
Team Craswell : Barry Craswell, Roy Coffin, Myrna Craswell, Myrna Sanderson
Team Busher: Busher Stuckey, Linda Stuckey, Irene Fraser, Cecil Fraser
Team Sweetapple: Carol Sweetapple, Carlene Peters, Bernie Field, Helen Smith
Team S.Hope: Sandy Hope, Nancy MacFadyen, Karen Hardy, Glennis Doiron
Team Kneabone:  Danny Kneabone, Karen Currie, Al MacCormac, Carl Currie
Team Arsenault : Paul Arsenault, Ken Harrott, Roger Des Roches, Deneice Harrott
Team Berry: Shirley Berry, Arleen Harris, Gloria Turner, Linda Fairhurst
Team Weeks: Donald Weeks, Elliot Doiron, Jeff Hannam, Jessie MacPhail
Team Gill: Joe Gill, Archie MacKinnon, Ron Diamond, Doug Campbell
Team Murdoch:  Peter Murdoch, Bill Hope, David Murphy, Dario Zannier
Team Sutherland: Bryan Sutherland, Etta Reid, Elaine Hughes, Dick MacKinnon
Team Blanchard:  Kimball Blanchard, Marg Stewart, Nancy Fitzgerald, Jean Anderson
Team Field: Paul Field, Janette Fraser, Shelly Woods, Hazen Lenentine
Team Dunn: Tom Dunn, Lloyd Pollard, Tom O’Rourke , Marlis O’Rourke
Team Callbeck: Lester Callbeck, Dave O’Hanley, Garth Nicholson
Team MacKay: Diane MacKay, Peter Rousseau, Bill Allen, Bill Bishop
Team MacDonald: Mark MacDonald, Garth Cudmore, Allan Acorn, Edgar Coffin 

          Good luck and good curling!!

Paul and Joanne Durant, Drawmasters


2020-21 Season