Wednesday Wally’s Pharmasave Daytime League

Wednesday Wally’s Pharmasave Daytime Team Draw through March 10

Here are the draws through March 10 for the Wally’s Pharmasave Daytime Team League:

Group 1:

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Group 2:

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Good curling!

Team Rosters:

Draw/Schedule for Wally’s Pharmasave Wed. Daytime League

Update to curlers in the Wednesday Daytime League:
Our draw resumed on Wednesday, Dec 23rd.
We are going with the draws originally scheduled for Dec. 23, Dec 30 and Jan 6.  Missed draws will be scheduled at the end of this session.

Here are the Group #1 and Group #2 Draws/Schedules for our Wednesday Daytime Curling League, sponsored by Wally’s Pharmasave.
Description of draw:  Find your team and the date you are playing.  The ice number is designated for 2 teams to play on that sheet of ice.  For example: On Nov 4th in Group #2, Durant plays Field on ice #1, while Callbeck has a bye,

Notice the ice time rotates from 10 am to 12:30 pm each week.  This allows for consistency, maintaining group consistency and equal morning and afternoon draws.

            At the end of this round we will reset the teams according to team standings.                   

           Good luck and enjoy!!


Team Rosters:

Wednesday Daytime League Return to Curling Orientation Draw/Schedule for Oct. 28

The Return to Curling Orientation Draw on October 28 for the Wednesday Daytime Competitive League is as follows:
Morning session begins at 10:00 am, afternoon session at 12:30 pm.
Please note that there will be no 10 am Drop-In curling on Wednesdays as both draw times are full.
Each session will include a 30-minute presentation on changes due to Covid, followed by a 4-end game.  The first session will end at 11:30.

10 am Morning draw:
Ice 1. K Dolan vs D Kneabone
Ice 2. P Arsenault vs S Hope
Ice 3. T Dunn vs P Murdoch
Ice 4. K Blanchard vs P Durant and B Stuckey

Note:  There are 9 teams per draw.

12:30 pm Afternoon draw:
Ice 1. S Berry vs D Weeks
Ice 2. B Craswell vs J Gill
Ice 3. C Sweetapple vs D MacKay
Ice 4. B Sutherland vs L Callbeck and P Field

The draw for our first 8 games will be posted by Friday, October 30th.
It looks like we will have two 9 team pools.  Each team will have a bye.

Daytime Competitive League signup: please fill in your rosters by Friday

The sign-up sheet will be up Wednesday morning by the Bulletin Board at the Club for team entries for the Wednesday Daytime Competitive League. Please fill in your rosters by Friday, October 23rd. There will be a space at the bottom for single entries who may not be members of a team, but would like to be.

The league’s “Orientation to Play” day will be Wednesday, October 28th, with sessions at both 10:00 am and 12:30 pm. Check online to see which session your team should attend.  (That information will be posted online by Monday, the 26th.)
The regular season draw will begin on Wednesday, November 4th.
Draw times will be at 12:30 pm, with 10:00 am games as well, depending on the number of teams.

Joanne and Paul Durant – Daytime Competitive League Drawmasters

League Description:

Our ‘Daytime Competitive League’ draws take place on Wednesdays at 12:30-2 pm. (However we can have 10:00 am until 12 noon draw for overflow.)
You must hold a Daytime Membership Profile/Product option to curl in this league, or purchase Drop-In tickets.
Wednesday Daytime Team League is a team entry league (although if you are new and/or unable to find a team, we will attempt to find a team who may need a curler).
The league start date is always TBA: once curlers have some idea who is curling in the daytime and which members may be available to form teams.
This is our weekly daytime team-entry league, open to curlers of all ages who are available to curl during the day.
The teams play a full round-robin against the other teams, with prizes awarded to the winners.