Golf and Curling Transition Spiel

  Golf/Curling Transition Spiel

Golf and curl in one day, at the first on-ice event of the curling season.

Not held since the 2009-2010 season.

Subject to ice availability and to sufficient signup, the annual golf and curling transition spiel, at Countryview Golf Course, and the Cornwall Curling Club,  is held in mid-October.  This event has not been held since 2007. Here are reports from previous years.

Cornwall Curling Club

Golf/Curling Transition Spiel

October 14, 2007

Tee Times at Countryview Golf Course

12:00 PM          Lester Callbeck, Ray Biage, Mary Plamandon, Tony Turnbull

12:10 PM          Angus Kennedy,Linda Turnbull,Tracy MacDonald, Neil Smith

12:20 PM          Paul Neima, Jennifer Hanus, Gordon Canfield, Gord Peters

12:30 PM          Chick Morrison, Mathew Hanus, Juanita Drake, Derek Gallant, Mark MacDonald

12:40 PM          Bob Fowler, John Deluca, Tom Dunn, Carol Sweetapple, David Murphy

Post Time entries available by calling Golf Course.

Golf will be followed by meal and curling at the Cornwall Curling Club.

Sponsor(s):  Cornwall Curling Club, Countryview Golf Course
Contact:  Mark MacDonald
Start Date:  October 14, 2007  End Date:  October 14, 2007

Details: The annual Golf and Curling Transition Spiel takes place Sunday October 14th, beginning at Countryview Golf Course and concluding at the Cornwall Curling Club. What could be better than starting your day on the golf course, and wrapping it up with a meal and curling back at our Club? Price includes both sports and your meal.  New and prospective members are also welcome at this event!






2006 Wrapup report

The annual Cornwall Curling Club Golf and Curling Transition Spiel was held on Oct. 15, 2006

Here are the scores from the Golf component at Countryview Golf Course:

41  Tracey Lee MacDonald, Dick St John, Lester Callbeck, Angus Kennedy
33  Bill Brown, Peter McNeill, Carol Sweetapple, Matthew Hanus
42  Jennifer Hanus, Darren MacLean, Rob Young, Neil Smith
34  Bob Fowler, Darlene Kneabone, Tom Dunn, Ryan Casey
35  Tracy MacDonald, Brenda Campbell, Carl Currie, John DeLuca
35  Kristin Vessey, David Murphy, Ray Biage, Ensor MacNeill
35  Paulette Richard, Karen Currie, Allan Acorn, Derek Gallant
36  Jean Anderson, Valerie Acorn, Mark MacDonald, Danny Kneabone

Curling Draw at 3:00 PM:
ICE 1: T.L. MacDonald vs B Brown
ICE 2: J Hanus vs B Fowler
ICE 3: T. MacDonald vs K Vessey
ICE 4: P Richard vs J Anderson

After curling, prizes were awarded to the following winners:

Ladies Long Drive: Paulette Richard
Ladies Closest to Pin: Brenda Campbell
Mens Long Drive:  Rob Young
Mens Closest to Pin: David Murphy

Top Teams Based on  Golf Score-Curling Score
First Place:  Tracy MacDonald, Brenda Campbell, Carl Currie, John DeLuca
Second Place: Paulette Richard, Karen Currie, Allan Acorn, Derek Gallant
Third Place:  Bill Brown, Peter McNeill, Carol Sweetapple, Mathew Hanus

After completing 9 holes of scramble golf at the beautiful Countryview Golf Course all players were treated to Scallop Potatoes and Ham with Pumpkin and Apple Pie for dessert.
Although the ice was in immaculate condition teams struggled in execution of required shots. I am sure shotmaking will improve as season progresses.

Special thanks to Carl and Karen at Countryview who were wonderful hosts at the golf club and presented four fleece jackets as prizes. Other winners received Gift certificates from the curling club.
A Big thanks to Lance Lowther and his crew for getting the ice in wonderful shape for the opening of Our curling season.

Submitted by
Mark MacDonald 





Report on 2005 event:  The Golf to Curling Transition Spiel was held on Sunday, Oct. 16 at the Countryview Golf Course and the Cornwall Curling Club. Here is a report, from President Mark MacDonald:

Golf Team Scores 35

Rick Doiron, Derek Gallant, Aaron Campbell, and Helene LaPalme


Karen Currie, Ensor MacNeill, Roy Coffin, and Tracy Mac Donald


Gord Peters, Jim Kemp, Marie Samson, Gordie Lank, and Bob Fowler

Lester Callbeck, Mathew Hanus, Linda Fairhurst, and Mark MacDonald

Carl Currie, Jennifer Drake, Lawrence Walus, and Rob Young


Jean Anderson, Neil Handrahan, Ryan Casey, and John DeLuca


Chick Morrison, Sherren Morrison, Brenda Campbell, and Patricia Walus

Mary Plamondon, Dick St John, Allan Acorn, and Stephanie O’Keefe


Angus Kennedy, Greg St. John, Dorothy Taylor, and Sue Doiron


Valerie Acorn, Brad Gardiner, Winston Taylor, and Kristin Vessey

Golf Prizes

Ladies Long Drive Brenda Campbell

Mens Long Drive Carl Currie

Ladies Closest to Pin Stephanie O’Keefe


After completing the nine holes of best-ball scramble golf, all players were treated to Scallop Potatoes and Ham prepared by Real Meals of Cornwall. Dessert consisted of Apple Pie baked by Bev MacCormack and Birthday Cake compliments of Greg St John’s Birthday. We then took to the ice to throw the first rocks of the season. Golf scores were combined with curling scores to come up with overall winners.

I am happy to report that, after a coin toss, the winning team was crowned, consisting of Lester Callbeck, Matthew Hanus, Linda Fairhurst, and myself.

Photo: MacDonald, Fairhurst, Hanus

A very close second was the team of Rick Doiron, Derek Gallant, Aaron Campbell, Helene LaPalme.

Photo: Gallant, Campbell, LaPalme, Doiron

I would like to thank everyone who helped make this a wonderful event. Special thanks to Carl and Karen at Countryview who were wonderful hosts at golf club and presented two fleece vests and four green fees as prizes to participants .

Thanks also to Lance and all his crew that did a tremendous job in getting the ice ready for another season.




– Mark MacDonald Report on 3rd Annual Spiel – Oct. 17, 2004

The golf and curling transition ‘spiel took place Sunday, October 17th 2004 at Countryview Golf Course and the Cornwall Curling Club.

Here are the Golf Team Scores:

34 Ruth Stavert, Joe Callaghan, Rick Doiron, Gord Peters

35 Hank Kamphius, Karen Currie, Craig Bradley
Robert Stavert, Roy Coffin, Brenda Campbell

37 Tracy MacDonald, Aaron Campbell, Chick Morrison, Glynnie Squires
Dennis Dunne, Danny Gosse, Todd Gallant
Connie Clark, Ensor McNeil, Kevin Jones

38 Jean Anderson, Rob Young, Kevin Arsenault
Leslie MacIsaac, Carl Currie, Linda Turnbull, Bob Hawkins
Derek Gallant, Darlene Gallant, Bill Sigsworth, Debbie Sigsworth

39 Sherren Morrison, John DeLuca, Glenn MacAulay, Gordon Brookins

44 Mary Plamondon, Neil Handrahan, Brad Gardiner, Vern Chowan

Men’s Long Drive winner was Glenn MacAulay

Ladies Long Drive went to Karen Currie

Men’s Closest to the pin was won by Ensor McNeil

Ladies Closest to the pin:  Brenda Campbell

After completing the nine holes of best-ball scramble golf, all players were
treated to a Beef Stroganoff meal prepared by Real Meals of Cornwall. After
eating, players took to the ice for their first rocks of the season. Not only
were shots missed on the golf course, but they were also missed on the
sheets of ice. All had fun and we look forward to another successful season
of member events for all to participate in. Thank you to all who


Report on Second Annual Transition Spiel: October 18, 2003

Thirteen foursomes teed off Saturday afternoon at Countryview Golf Course. Before the day was over, they traded their clubs for a curling brush, and their Softspikes for a gripper and a slider, as they hit the shiny new Cornwall Curling Club ice for the second portion of the Golf and Curling transition spiel. After a meal of ham and scalloped potatoes, and after curling scores were subtracted from golf scores, the team of Gary Arsenault, Al Hammond, Debby Sigsworth, and Aaron Campbell, who were at minus one after the golf round, came out the first place winners in the event.

Photo: Arsenault, Hammond, Sigsworth, Campbell

Second place in the event went to Barb Duncan-Biagé, Carl Currie, Kathy Reeves, and Ensor McNeill.

Photo: Duncan-Biagé, Currie, Reeves, McNeill

Third place went to Bill Sigsworth, Cyndie Cunneyworth, Mark Perry, and Hank Kamphuis.

Pat Butler, Connie Cummiskey, Dwayne Gallant and Kevin Arsenault came fourth, while Todd Gallant, Brenda Campbell, Ray Biagé, and John de Luca were fifth.

Ladies closest to the pin went to Brenda Campbell, while Linda Fairhurst had the longest drive.

Mark Perry took both closest to the pin and longest drive honours for the men (but put the prizes back into the pool).

Thanks for Mark Perry, and his helpers, including food preparers Barb Duncan-Biagé, Ray Biagé, Debby Sigsworth and Sue MacKenzie, and to Carl and Karen Currie from Countryview Golf, along with Lance Lowther and the ice- making crew who got the ice into fine shape for the first on-ice event of the season.