Masters Plus Bonspiel

9th Annual Masters Plus – Nov. 18-19 2021.

Masters Plus team skips, draw for Nov. 18-19

Here are the skips and the draw/schedule for the 9th annual Masters Plus Bonspiel here at the Cornwall Curling Club, on Nov. 18-19. Thanks to Edgar Coffin and his organizing team for what promises to be another successful event!

Team Skips

  1. Peter Murdoch 

  2. Barry Craswell 

  3. Tom Dunn 

  4. Kimball Blanchard 

  5. Bryan Sutherland 

  6. Shirley Berry 

  7. Sandy Hope 

  8. Paul Durant 

  9. Paula Dobson

  10. Mollie Flemming

  11. Art Hood

  12. Brian McCullum

  13. Norval Benjamin

  14. Doug Oulton

  15. Keith Bowser

  16. Ken Nicol

New Brunswick rink wins 8th annual Masters Plus Bonspiel at Cornwall

The annual Masters Plus Bonspiel wrapped up on Friday here at the Cornwall Curling Club, with the David McCullum rink from the Sussex/Thistle St Andrews clubs in New Brunswick emerging as the top point-getter,  making eight different winners in the event’s eight-year history. The Masters Plus format is for teams with three players age 60 and over, and one player who is at least 55. Here are the top five rinks this year:
David McCullum – Sussex/St Andrews – 50pts
Ken Nicol – Sackville – 45pts
Peter Murdoch – Cornwall 45pts
Paula Dobson – Antigonish – 40pts
Des Arsenault – Summerside – 40pts
Thanks to all the rinks who participated, to Edgar Coffin, Paul Arsenault, Alan Acorn, the Giggeys, and all the other organizers, and to the many prize sponsors!
Here is a photo album from the event. Click on an image to enlarge.

8th Annual Masters Plus Bonspiel goes Thursday and Friday morning and afternoon here at the Cornwall Curling Club

The Cornwall Curling Club is hosting its 8th annual Masters Plus Bonspiel on Thursday November 19th and Friday November 20th. Masters Plus teams include one player who is age 55 or older (the “Plus”), and three players who are age 60 and over.  This event has had seven different winners over seven years!. 

A warm welcome is extended to all 16 teams entered. Draws are 8:30 and 11:00 am, and 1:30 and 4:00 pm both days.

The host committee wants to thank the volunteers and staff of the Cornwall Curling Club as well as daytime and junior curlers at the Club for their cooperation as they will miss some regular curling draws. A special thank you is extended to all the bonspiel sponsors for their great support.

Here are the skips and the draw:

Team Skips

  1. Kimball Blanchard     9. Doug Oulton
  2. Sandy Hope               10. David McCullum
  3. Paul Durant                11. Art Hood
  4. Shirley Berry             12. Leona Williams
  5. Bryan Sutherland       13. Ken Nicol
  6. Tom Dunn                 14. Des Arsenault
  7. Joe Gill                      15. Peter Murdoch
  8. Barry Craswell          16. Stu Graves

Rock Colours are assigned         

There will be no practice time before the games.                                                   

Draw (Thursday – November 19th)                                                                                                                                                                                                         

                Time                      Ice 1                       Ice 2                       Ice 3                       Ice 4

                8:30                        1×2                         3×4                         5×6                         7×8

                11:00                     9×10                       11×12                    13×14                    15×16

                1:30                        4×5                         2×7                         1×8                         3×6

                4:00                        12×13                    10×15                    9×16                       11×14


Draw (Friday –November 20th)

                8:30                        4×12                       1×9                         2×10                       3×11

                11:00                     6×14                       5×13                       7×15                       8×16

                1:30                        3×9                         1×12                       2×11                       4×10

                4:00                        5×16                       6×15                       8×14                       7×13