Murphy’s Ice Queens Ladies Spiel


Opening draw for Murphy’s Ice Queens spiel

Here is the opening draw on Friday evening for the Ice Queen’s Ladies Spiel, sponsored by Murphy’s Pharmacies.6:30

Ice 1 – Gloria Clarke vs Debbie Rhodenhizer
Ice 2 – Carol Sweetapple vs Paulette Richard
Ice 3 – Karen Currie vs Jean Sinclair
Ice 2 – Myrna Craswell vs Janette Fraser
Ice 3 – Samantha M vs Shirley Berry 

The annual Ice Queens Ladies Funspiel helps kick off the curling season on November 17 & 18 2017 at the Cornwall Curling Club. It’s open to Non-competitive women’s teams — only two regular team members who are planning to enter the provincial playdowns are permitted. Single entry is available too.

Teams are welcome from all curling clubs.

 To enter, contact the Cornwall Curling Club at (902) 566-4427


 Friday night – snacks after your game


— breakfast of muffins, sweet breads & coffee

— soup for lunch 

— Closing Awards Supper at 6:00 pm                    

There will be door prizes and 50/50, too.

Entry fee is $30 per person. Sign up soon!

A weekend of fun and laughs is guaranteed!


2016 Murphy’s Pharmacies Ice Queens Funspiel wraps up with dinner, prizes

The Ice Queens Women’s Funspiel, with 12 teams and new sponsor Murphy’s Pharmacies, wrapped up late this afternoon with a banquet and the presentation of prizes. Here’s a photo of the handsome servers for the banquet:


Now on to the prizes. 

Carol Sweetapple (left) took home the door prize of a basket of wine (and other goodies) from Matos Winery, only ten minutes from the Club, at 3156 West River Rd, in St. Catherines. Organizer Lisa MacEachern is on the right.


The curling prizes started with something called the “Legend Losers” award. No explanation was provided, so I’ll leave that to your imagination. The “winners” of this prestigious honour were the team of (L-R): Margaret Stewart, Helen Smith, Carlene Peters, and Janice Murdoch.


Next up: the runners-up. The silver medals (or white envelopes!) go to the team of (R-L): Carol Sweetapple, Carolyn Crockett,: Pam Sweetapple, and Rebecca Rolfe.


Finally, it was time to announce the winners. Taking home the crystal trophy (and more white envelopes) were the rink of  (L-R) Debbie Rhodenhizer, Cindy Nicholson, Christine Richardson, and Diana MacKay.


Thanks to the 12 teams who participated, to bonspiel committee chairs Lisa MacEachern and Darlene Howlett, to the many others who helped out, including Angela and Kimberley from the Board, to the men who helped with serving and cleanup, to Club staff and volunteers, and a special thanks to Heather MacLean and title sponsor Murphy’s Pharmacies, as well as others, including Matos Wineries, who donated prizes. If you missed out on this fun event this year, mark it on your calendar for next fall!


The Ice Queens funspiel wrapup

The Ice Queens hit the rings for a weekend of FUN!!! The Ladies Bonspiel was held November 13th and 14th with 10 full teams participating.

icequeensiceGuest curlers came from the Charlottetown, Crapaud and Summerside’s Silver Fox curling clubs.

Matos Winery donated a beautiful basket filled with wine, chocolates, and other goodies. Tickets were sold on the basket with Bernie Field being the lucky winner. Bernie won this great prize by participating in a card game of “Chase The Queen Of Diamonds”, not Chase the Ace!!

icequeenswinnersPhoto: Winning team

Many lucky ladies went home with door prizes but 1st Prize in the bonspiel was awarded to the team with the highest points. That team was Gloria Clarke, Elaine Hughes, Etta Reid and Carolyn Crockett.

The FUNspiel showed its true colors by awarding the 2nd Prize to the team with the lowest points. Nola Murphy, Melissa Creighton, Janette Frazer and Clare Mullen were recipients of this prize!!! This was a great twist to the normal flow of presenting prizes and was graciously accepted by all present.

icequeensinsideThis, which included lots of great food and good times could not have taken place without the help and generosity of many. A big thanks goes out to those who provided food and prizes. A special thank you to the home club ladies who prepared the tasty dishes for our Saturday evening meal.

Events at our club could not be held without the continued support of Bev our Club Manager, Lance the Iceman, Ray our custodian, and our bartenders who for this event were Kelly and Al.

A job well done by all!!!!!

Report written by event organizer Carlene Peters, with photos from event organizer Lisa MacEachern, who both did a fantastic job running the event!

Here’s some more on-ice photos:






“The Ice Queens” women’s funspiel set to go at Cornwall


Ten teams have signed up for “The Ice Queens” women’s funspiel this weekend at the Cornwall Curling Club. Teams each play three games, with winners determined via a points system.

Team Rosters:

1 Carlene Peters Debby Sigsworth Rebecca Rolfe Donna Musto
2 Gloria Clarke Elaine Hughes Etta Reid Carolyn Crockett
3 Myrna Sanderson Angela Sanderson Lisa MacEachern Laurie Kelly
4 Marg Stewart Bernie Field Pat McCardle Jean Anderson
5 Diane MacKay Val MacLean Lynn Thiele Hanny MacLeod
6 Kim Glydon Linda Fairhurst Darlene Howlett Dena Farrell
7 Julie Mutch Lindsay Moore Terri Wood Heather MacRae
8 Nola Murphy Melissa Creighton Janette Fraser Clare Mullen
9 Karen Currie Danielle Girard Irene Fraser Linda Stuckey
10 Kim Pippy Laura Robertson Cindy MacLean Jessica MacPherson

Here is the draw:

Friday Nov. 13

6:30 pm: Sanderson vs. Stewart, MacKay vs. Glydon, Pippy vs. Murphy

8 pm: Mutch vs Clarke, Currie vs. Peters

Saturday Nov. 14

9:30 am: Clarke vs Pippy, Murphy vs Sanderson, MacKay vs Peters

11am: Mutch vs Stewart, Currie vs Glydon

12:30 pm: Lunch

1:30 pm: Pippy vs Peters, Sanderson vs MacKay, Clarke vs Murphy

3 pm: Mutch vs Glyson, Stewart vs Currie

5 pm: Supper


2013 Event – Cancelled due to insufficient entry

Here’s the latest on the Ladies Spiel:

Sponsorship has been firmed up – it’s now sponsored by TWO wineries –Matos Winery & Vineyards, just down the road in St. Catherines, and Jackson Triggs, along with Lawton’s Drugs.

Jackson Triggs

The event has now been moved to one day – Saturday November 16.

We need a couple of more teams – please signup at the Club (or call 566-4427) by 5 pm Thursday.

If we don’t have sufficient teams, we may have to cancel.

Here is the draw for the 2012 Jackson Triggs Ladies Funspiel Friday, November 30 and Saturday, December 1 at the Cornwall Curling Club:

Friday 6:30 pm: Ice 1 – Sweetapple vs. Pippy, Ice 2 – Sanderson vs. McInnis, Ice 3 – Currie vs. Lank

Friday 8:00 pm: Ice 2 – Clarke vs. Stavert, Ice 3 – MacKay vs. Arsenault

Saturday 9:30 am:  Ice 1 – Sanderson vs. Arsenault, Ice 3 – Sweetapple vs. Lank, Ice 4 – Pippy vs. Currie

Saturday 11:00 am: Ice 3 – McInnis vs. Stavert, Ice 4 – MacKay vs. Clarke

Saturday 12:30 – 1:30 pm: Lunch

Saturday 1:30 pm: Ice 2 – Sweetapple vs. Currie, Ice 3: Pippy vs. Arsenault, Ice 4 – Sanderson vs. Lank

Saturday 3:00 pm: Ice 1- MacKay vs. Stavert, Ice 2 – McInnis vs. Clarke

Saturday 5:00 pm: Banquet and Prizes

Here are the winning teams from the 2010 Jackson Triggs Ladies Spiel held recently at our Club:

Diane MacKay rink

Division A winners: Diane MacKay, Sherren Morrison, Linda Matthews, Krista Affleck

Val MacLean

A Runners – up:   Val MacLean, Jackie Olfason, Lynn Theile, Sandra Clements

Myrna Craswell
Division B winners: Myrna Craswell, Myrna Sanderson, Jean Anderson, Marg Stewart

Darlene London
B Runners – up: Ashleigh London, Darlene London, Judy Koke, Janet Kemp

Leita Chisholm
Division C winners: Leita Chisholm, Iva Griffin, Valerie Taylor, Vanessa Collicutt

Shirley Lank
C Runners – up:  Shirley Lank, Mary Plamondon, Karen Fisher, Eileen Blanchard

Click to view event photo album.

Thanks to the organizers, attendees, and sponsor Jackson Triggs for a great event!

Rhodenizer rink wins Cornwall Ladies Fall Fling

November 16th, 2009

The Cornwall Ladies Fall Fling was held Friday evening and all day Saturday, with the rink of Debbie Rhodenizer, Eileen Blanchard, Karen Fisher, and Paula Ling winning the A section. Congratulations to all the participants and organizers!

Winning rink!

Photo (L-R):  Karen Fisher, Eileen Blanchard, Paula Ling, Debbie Rhodenizer

Click for a photo album from the event.

Following are the winners and runners-up:

Section A:
Winners: Debbie Rhodenizer, Eileen Blanchard, Karen Fisher, and Paula Ling
Runners-up: Carol Sweetapple, Marie MacDonald, Danielle Girard and Bernie Field

Section B:
Winners: Shirley Berry, Arleen Harris, Shelley Ebbett, and Rebecca Rolfe
Runners-up: Jackie Olafson, Amy Wheatley, Sandra Clements and Wilma Smith

Section C:
Winners: Vanessa Hamming, Ruth Walsh, Heather MacRae and Lindsay Moore
Runners-up: Ruth Stavert, Mary Plamondon, Marg Stewart and Jean Anderson

Here is the opening draw for the 2009 Cornwall Ladies Spiel

Cornwall Ladies Fall Fling, Friday night draw
6:00 p.m.
Ice 1 – Leita Chisholm vs. Linda Fairhurst;
Ice 2 – Carol Sweetapple vs. June Moyaert;
Ice 3 – Nola Murphy vs. Jackie Olafson;
Ice 4 – Karen Currie vs. Lindsay Moore
7:45 p.m.
Ice 1 – Eileen Blanchard vs. Ruth Stavert;
Ice 2 – Myrna Sanderson vs. Shirley Berry

Ladies: sign up now for our annual funspiel

November 1st, 2009

The annual Cornwall Curling Club Ladies Funspiel takes place Friday evening November 13, and all day Saturday the 14th. Lots of food, prizes, and great curling! Women curlers from across the Island are invited. $120 per team. Sign up at the Club, or call 566-4427 to register. Entry is limited to 16 teams.

The 2008 Soirees and  Shindiggs Women’s Bonspiel was held on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 14-15 2008, with 14 teams from Cornwall and other clubs participating.

Click to view an album of photos from the Soirees and Shindiggs women’s bonspiel (PDF, 400k).

Fun was had by all, with lots of curling, and lots of food, capped off with a wonderful pot luck dinner Saturday evening.
Sherri Dixon-MacLeod and Lindsay Docherty, co-owners of Soirees and Shindiggs, were on hand for the banquet, and presented  the prizes afterwards.
They also donated a beautiful Christmas wreath, which was raffled off and won by Tanya MacKay.

Here are the divison winners:
Winner of A Division:  Shirley Berry, Linda Fairhurst, Evelyn Rogerson and Virginia MacDonald
Runner-Up of A:         Carol Sweetapple, Marie MacDonald, Danielle  Girard and Eileen Blanchard
Winner of B Division:   Diane MacKay, Sherren MacKinnon, Marilyn Diamond and Tanya MacKay
Runner-Up of B :          June Moyaert, Kathey Clarey, Janet Kemp and Joanie Livingstone
Winner of C Division:    Ruth Stavert, Mary Plamondon, Jean Anderson and Marg Stewart
Runner-Up of C:           Myrna Sanderson, Tracy MacDonald, Barb Duncan-Biage and  Cindy Ballem
Winner of D Division:    Faith LeClair, Jeanne Duffenais, Flo Birch and Michelle Weaver
Runner-Up of D:            Rebecca Rolfe, Jennifer Hanus, Marjorie Matthews and  Pat McCardle

For all your decorating needs, get in touch with Soirees and Shindiggs!


Sponsor(s):  Soirees and Shindiggs
Start Date:  Friday, November 14  End Date:  Saturday, November 15


Here are the opening day draws for the Soirees and Shindiggs Ladies Curling Bonspiel at the Cornwall Curling Club:

Opening Draw Friday Nov. 14th
5.30 P.M.

Ice 1
Kathy  Reeves vs. Debbie Rhodenizer
Ice 2
Karen Wood  vs. Jackie Olafson
Ice 3
Arleen Harris vs. Diane MacKay
Ice 4
Carol Sweetapple vs. Valerie Acorn

7.00 P.M.
Ice 1
Leita Chisholm vs. Ruth Stavert
Ice 2
Faith LeClair vs. Shirley Berry
Ice 3
Myrna Sanderson vs. June Moyaert

Losers of 5.30 p.m.  draw play at 8:45 p.m.
Losers of 7.00 p.m. draw Ice 1 and Ice 2 play at 8:45 p.m.