Monday evening Mixed and Commercial Leagues

Monday Night Mixed League

Oct 22, 2018 at 6:30pm

Ice 1: R. Biagé, D. Sigsworth, J. Hannam, S. MacLean
vs K. Currie, C. Hodgson. C. Solterman, A. MacIntosh

Ice 2: A. Davies, K. Pippy, H. Pierce, B. Lindsay
vs B. Sutherland, M. MacDonald, E. MacDonald, C. Peters

Ice 3: G. Groves, B. Gardiner, C. MacDonald, L. Hilton
vs D. Kneabone, S. O’Keefe, I. Marzari, TBA

Ice 4: P. Neima, F. Weiler, C. MacDougall, L. Gallant
vs F. Martin, G. Turner, M. Davies, S. Campbell

Bye: L. Davies, D. Weeks, R. Neumeyer, D. Musto

Monday Night Commercial League

Oct 22, 2018 at 8:30pm

Ice 1: Hunter’s Ale House vs KJL Meats

Ice 2: Cannon Consulting vs Airport Authority

Ice 3: Fair Isle Ford  vs Glasgow Glen

Ice 4: The Grove vs Dykstra Farm

Monday evening Mixed Team Rosters for Round 1

Ray BiagéDebby SigsworthJeff HannamSara MacLean
Karen CurrieChris HodgsonColleen SoltermanAmanda MacIntosh
Angus DaviesKim PippyHeather PierceBryon Lindsay
Bryan SutherlandMike MacDonaldElric MacDonaldCharlene Peters
Greg GrovesBrad GardinerColleen MacDonaldLeslie Hilton
Danny KneaboneStephanie O’KeefeItalo MarzariTBA
Paul NeimaFrank WeilerChris MacDougallLacey Gallant
Frank MartinGloria TurnerMeagan DaviesSharon Campbell
Lorianne DaviesDonald WeeksRick NeumeyerDonna Musto

Round One Draw

DateIce #1vs.Ice #2vs.Ice #3vs.Ice #4vs.Bye
22 Oct 2018BiagéCurrieA.DaviesSutherlandGrovesKneaboneNeimaMartinL.Davies
29 Oct 2018MartinL.DaviesKneaboneNeimaSutherlandGrovesCurrieA.DaviesBiagé
05 Nov 2018A.DaviesBiagéGrovesCurrieNeimaSutherlandL.DaviesKneaboneMartin
12 Nov 2018KneaboneMartinSutherlandL.DaviesCurrieNeimaBiagéGrovesA.Davies
19 Nov 2018GrovesA.DaviesNeimaBiagéL.DaviesCurrieMartinSutherlandKneabone
26 Nov 2018SutherlandKneaboneCurrieMartinBiagéL.DaviesA.DaviesNeimaGroves
03 Dec 2018NeimaGrovesL.DaviesA.DaviesMartinBiagéKneaboneCurrieSutherland

 Highlighted game is exhibition only and points will not contribute to these teams’ total score.