Cornwall Cup Stick Curling Tournament

2021-22 season Cornwall Cup Stick Curling Tournament scheduled for Jan. 7-8 2021.

2nd annual Cornwall Cup Stick Tourney a huge success!

The  2nd Annual Cornwall Cup was a huge success with participants having a great time! Everyone was very grateful for the time and planning that organizer, Doug Campbell put into planning the event! Doug, unfortunately, was not able to attend and was missed a lot.

(L-R): Paul Field, Barry Craswell, John Dunsford, Myrna Sanderson, Joe Gill, Bryan Sutherland

Club Past-President Bryan Sutherland and Past Executive Member Etta Reid stepped in to head up the event , and our thanks go out to them! We also extend our thanks to Stick Curling icon here in PEI and Club Member, foundling Club Member and Past President Ernie Stavert, for stepping in to
help with scoring. We are very grateful!

Also a special thank you to former Club Executive and member Myrna Sanderson for helping lead food service, along with Valerie Acorn and Myrna Craswell.

The participants enjoyed morning coffee service, which was individually served to each participant on both days, along with delicious pizza from Sam’s Restaurant right here in Cornwall , which was also had served by delegated staff and volunteers.

The Club and organizers extend their thanks to all for participating, including several teams from other clubs.

The winners of the event were Myrna Sanderson and John Dunsford who beat the second-place team, Bryan Sutherland and Joe Gill in the championship game.

Bronze medallists were the team of Barry Craswell and Paul Field, who beat Elaine
Hughes and Etta Reid in the match to determine third place.

We were pleased to see many new faces at the event this year, including some new to stick curling, and we look forward to this event and the sport of 2-person stick curling growing every year!

The second annual Cornwall Cup Stick Curling Tournament takes place Friday January 8 and Saturday, January 9th here at the Cornwall Curling Club, with a full draw of 16 teams taking part in grouped round-robin play on Friday, and the top two teams from each of the four groups advancing to the Saturday playoff round. Here is the Friday draw:

  Draw for  2nd Annual Cornwall Cup 
Sheet # 1 Sheet # 2 Sheet # 3 Sheet # 4
  9 am  
Sawatsky &  K. Sanderson & Singleton & Reid & 
Allen P. Sanderson Yamamoto Hughes
v v v v
Dunsford & Dimitroff & Stavert & S. Higginbotham &
M. Sanderson Blue Clarey B. Higginbotham
  10 am  
Gill & B. Craswell & B. Field & J. MacDonald &
Campbell P. Field M. Craswell O’Rourke
v v v v
Blackett & G. MacDonald & MacPhee & Renaud &
Marzari Stewart Acorn Messett
      11 am  
Dimitroff & Dunsford & K. Sanderson & Singleton &
Blue M. Sanderson P. Sanderson Yamamoto
v v v v
S. Higginbotham & Stavert & Reid &  Sawatsky & 
B. Higginbotham Clarey Hughes Allen
  LUNCH (PIzza): 12 noon  
  1 pm  
G. MacDonald & Blackett & B. Craswell & B. Field &
Stewart Marzari P. Field M. Craswell
v v v v
Renaud & MacPhee & J. MacDonald & Gill &
Messett Acorn O’Rourke Campbell
      2 pm  
Dimitroff & Dunsford & Stavert & K. Sanderson &
Blue M. Sanderson Clarey P. Sanderson
v v v v
Reid &  Singleton & Sawatsky &  S. Higginbotham &
Hughes Yamamoto Allen B. Higginbotham
  3 pm  
G. MacDonald & Blackett & MacPhee & B. Craswell &
Stewart Marzari Acorn P. Field
v v v v
J. MacDonald & B. Field & Gill & Renaud &
O’Rourke M. Craswell Campbell Messett

Here are the team rosters and other information:

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Chuck Sawatsky / Kevin Sanderson / Joe Gill / Doug  Barry Craswell /
Bill Allen Patsy Sanderson Campbell Paul Field
John Dunsford / Carl Dimitroff / Pat Blackett /  Gordie MacDonald /
Myrna Sanderson Alvin Blue. Italo Marzari Floyd Stewart
Glen Singleton /  Etta Reid /  Bernie Field / John MacDonald / 
Shoji Yamamoto Elaine Hughes Myrna Craswell Tom O’Rourke
Ruth Stavert /  S. Higginbotham /  Mary MacPhee/  Rick Renaud /
Alva Clarey B. Higginbotham Valerie Acorn Randy Messett
Top two teams from each group advance to play-offs on Saturday.
Each team plays teams within their group. (3 Games)  
2 Points for each end. 6 Points for each win. Maximum 3 points difference.
Standings based on (1) Number of wins. (2) Total points. (3) Head-to Head.
** First round – hammer decided by coin toss. **  
Prize Money: Outright Winners. –  $100 each player.   
Runners Up. – $50 each player.  
Losing Semi-Finalists  – $25 each player.  
Lunch (pizza) will be served on Friday.