Sunday Junior Curling


The Junior Program at the Cornwall Curling Club is making an exciting addition to our programming with the goal to allow individuals who don’t have a team to continue to curl actively AND to help players already on a team to continue to develop. 

In consultation with Curl PEI, we are adding a Sunday Junior Curling program for curlers ages thirteen to eighteen years old. 

This session is intended to continue the on-ice instruction that kids have been receiving in the Little Rocks and Novice Programs.  The session will be led by the Cornwall Curling Club Junior Coordinator, Sarah Doak – with help from Craig Savill and a number of other junior coaches and volunteers. 

The intent of this program is to be all inclusive – welcoming curlers who just want to play once a week as well as competitive curlers that have a team but want to get on the ice with different instructors and coaches. We also expect it to be fun, entertaining, and engaging! 

Instruction will be tailored to the athlete’s age and skill level. 

Junior coaches will also benefit from this new approach in that they will be invited from all over the Island on occasion to help with instruction, as well as learn new drills or instruction techniques from their colleagues.  


Why are you making this change?
We found an instructional gap that is missing on the Island.  Currently when curlers reach the age of thirteen, they are expected to form a team, find a coach and self practice.  There is currently no place for once-a-week curlers or new curlers to get involved in the game.  This program is designed to fill this gap by continuing instruction past the novice age.  This puts less strain on new coaches as curlers will continue to receive additional expert instruction.

How long is the session?
The session will run for 1.5 hrs.  Currently it is scheduled from 2:30 – 4:00pm on Sundays – though feel welcome to show up at 2:00pm for our COW’s Hot Chocolate break!

Who is Sunday Junior Curling for?
This is for any curler ages thirteen through eighteen who has either two years of curling experience or previously curled in the novice program.  You do not have to have a team for these sessions as you are welcome to sign up as an individual. 

Do I need a team to sign up?
No, you do not need a team.

If I already play on a team, should I sign up for this as well?
Absolutely!  We have many curlers that play on competitive teams (these teams may even be short a player) that have signed up for Sunday Junior Curling.  This is additional instruction that you will get from different coaches and an opportunity to meet new teammates.   We are encouraging coaches to get their players to sign up for this session to maximize athletes’ technical progression in the sport.  

How much does it cost?
The cost of the Sunday Junior Curling program is $110 plus HST (plus $20 for Curling Canada and CurlPEI fees if not already paid through a membership).

However, the program can also count as a Junior team’s second scheduled practice of the week under the regular Junior Team Practice Membership or as a League under the Junior Team Practice PLUS One League membership.

I currently have team practice times throughout the week, is this program still for me?
Yes.  This is an additional time on the ice that will help with skill development. You will find different instruction techniques.

How can this help the development of Junior coaches?
The plan is to incorporate junior coaches into this program so that they also have a chance to learn from each other.  This is a good opportunity for coaches to learn new techniques, share ideas with colleagues, and help grow the sport of curling on the Island.  This is especially true for new coaches out there that are looking for weekly training ideas.

Does this program impact the current practice times for the Junior teams throughout the week?
No. This program is intended to complement and expand on the Jr Programs already offered at the Cornwall Curling Club. However, if it suits a particular team, they may select this program as their second allotted practice time of the week.

What about my child who is between 13 and 18 years old but has less than two years experience or is new to curling?
Cornwall Curling Club will be offering a U18 Learn to Curl program.  This would be a prefect spot for your child to learn the game with other kids their age and skill level.  Graduates from the U18 Learn to Curl program will be invited to join the Sunday Junior Curling program.