Ice and facilities rentals

Book our ice and/or our clubhouse lounge facilities for your next office party or corporate retreat, family bonspiel, or fun time with friends!

Renting two sheets of ice for 16 curlers for two hours is a bargain at around $10.63 a person, plus taxes (comparable to the movies and many other activities!). We provide the renters with curling brushes, and sliders – just bring clean sneakers, and wear stretchy or loose pants and a light jacket. Bar services are available, too!
Here are our ice rental prices. 

1. One sheet for two hours: $95.00+HST (*Please note that we will only do one-sheet bookings if we have another sheet rented by another party or it’s a spare sheet during a regular draw)
2. Two sheets for two hours: $170.00+HST
3. Four sheets for four hours $320.00+HST
4. Four sheets for 8 hours $550.00+HST
*For rental groups over 5 people we require a $10.00 flat fee to cover entire group’s rental fee for any equipment rental. That would equate to $2.00 or less (depending on your party size, per person).

Call us at 902-566-4427 or email to book ice and or clubhouse lounge facilities, or for a quote on different sheet quantities or other options.

Serving lobsters from the upstairs kitchen, which may be rented from the Town of Cornwall
We can seat up to 100 people in our clubhouse area, which includes a bar and a small kitchen. The larger upstairs Civic Centre hall, which has a full kitchen, may also be rented separately, from the Town of Cornwall. There is also a portable bar available which we can use to serve this area.  We have catering options available, or you can use our downstairs clubhouse kitchen facilities at no additional cost, use your own caterers, order in, and/or rent the larger upstairs kitchen from the Town.


Upstairs hall (may be rented from the Town of Cornwall)