Friday Fun League


The Friday Night FUN League is a fun way to end your week and start your weekend!

There will be one draw promptly at 6:30pm, and a second draw around 8:15pm. Your scheduled draws will alternate between 6:30pm or 8:15pm throughout the season: some weeks your team will play at 6:30pm and some weeks at 8:15pm. The Draw Master will endeavour to make the draws times as balanced as possible between all teams.

You can enter as a team, as a single entry, or twos or threes. You will register for your membership individually but when you select your “league” you can let us know your team members, if any. (Please note: when you are filling out your requested team members, fill out those you know, and then in any available spaces write: “unknown”. This will tell the Draw Masters who you would like on your team, if anyone, and indicate you will need to be matched if not having a full team. If you do not have any people specifically you would like to curl with, just type “unknown” in all spaces where it asked your team members, and the Drawmaster will match you with a team.)

It is open to ALL Club members and new members. After registration deadlines are met, the teams are composed and posted by the Draw Master. The Draw Master will attempt to balance teams and positions based on player ability, as much as possible.

They league is planned to begin Friday, October 20th and run until Friday, March 29th. There will be no curling on some Fridays due to club events. The remaining weeks are according to our club schedule.

2023-2024 Season Updates

The Friday Fun League will be a 6:30pm only draw this year with a 8-team format. 

Each game is six ends and while we keep score, we don’t keep records in this league – it’s just a great way to kick off the weekend!

Thank you to Jane DiCarlo and Amy Duncan for agreeing to take over drawmaster responsibilities this season.  

We do have at least one slot that needs to be filled in this league, if you are interested in joining reach out to the club manager. 

Round Two Schedule

Round One Schedule

Downloadable PDF of the schedule and rosters:  

Friday Fun League Round 1 Schedule