Thursday evening draw

Thursday Evening Mixed Draw

A popular single-entry draw for curlers of all ages and both sexes. The draw goes at 6:30 pm, plus 1 sheet at 8:30, and one team with a bye.

Beck rink wins final Thursday evening draw of the season

The final Thursday evening draw of the season, sponsored by Griffin’s Towing and Service Centre, wrapped up tonight, with the rink of Melody Beck, Doug Kelly, Len Cudmore and Amanda MacIntosh receiving the sponsor prizes. Thanks to the players and organizers for another great season of Thursday evening curling!

(L-R):  Melody Beck, Doug Kelly, Len Cudmore, and Amanda MacIntosh 

Griffin’s Service Centre & 24 Hour Auto Service

Thursday Mar 28, 2019

6:30PM Draw   

Ice 1: Jean Sinclair, Gary O’Sullivan, George Piercy, Lacey Gallant vs Joe Callaghan, Barb Arsenault, Robbie Lenentine, Heidi Rast

Ice 2: Frank Martin, Carlene Peters, Marlene Proude , Italo Mazari vs Melody Beck, Doug Kelly, Amanda MacIntosh, Len Cudmore

Ice 3: Frank Weiler, Kim Nickerson, Darren MacKinnon, Ben Gendron vs Hans Wicki, Gloria Turner, Scott MacLean, Maureen Cudmore

 Ice 4: Brent Irving, Alan Mason, Marjorie Matthews, Shelley Coles vs Bryan Sutherland, Lee Nickerson, Laurie Kelly, Scott Carnall

8:30PM Draw   

Ice 1: Garth Cudmore, Katelyn Burgoyne, Donnie Godfrey, Doug Campbell vs Larry Cudmore, Jennifer Lenentine, Heather Diamond, Kevin Ross

Bye: Alan Aitken, Angela Sanderson, David O’Connor, Patsy Piercy/TBA

Here is the full round three draw for Thursday evening, sponsored by Griffin’s Service Centre & 24 Hour Auto Service.

Here are the team rosters (some revisions from first night):





    Thursday Evening Round Two  
Team Skip Third Second Lead
1 Joe Callaghan Gloria Turner David O’Connor Kevin Ross
2 Jean Sinclair Doug Kelly Robbie Lenentine Randy Johnston
3 Bryan Sutherland Barb Arsenault Patsy Piercy Doug Campbell
4 Brent Irving George Piercy Heather Diamond Scott Carnall
5 Frank Weiler Angela Sanderson Marjorie Matthews Myles Gallant
6 Garth Cudmore Kim Nickerson Scott MacLean Heidi Rast
7 Hans Wicki Lee Nickerson Amanda MacIntosh Ben Gendron
8 Alan Aitken Carlene Peters Darren MacKinnon Shelley Coles
9 Larry Cudmore Alan Mason Catelyn Burgoyne Maureen Cudmore
10 Frank Martin Jennifer Lenentine Donnie Godfrey Lacey Gallant
11 Melody Beck Gary O’Sullivan Laurie Kelly Italo Marzari