Thursday Mixed


This is a “single-entry mixed” league, and is open to all Club members. You sign up for the entire season, and the Draw Master will place you with a team. The Draw Master will try to balance the teams based on player’s positions and abilities as much as possible. New curlers are especially welcome in this league, but we also welcome (and have as a part of this league) experienced curlers looking for a fun non-competitive curling!

Curling times will alternate between 6:30 or 8:30 pm throughout the season: some weeks your team will play at 6:30 and some weeks at 8:30.

The Draw Master will endeavor to make the draws times as balanced as possible between all teams.

There will be three round-robin draws played throughout the year (there may be a possibility of a “bye” where you have a week off, if there is an uneven number of teams or an extra team). You will be placed on a different team each round robin. This provides a great opportunity to get to know other members and have some fun! At the end of each round prizes are provided and are presented to the winning team.

2023-2024 Season


The third round of our Thursday Mixed League begins this week. 

Below are the teams and draw schedule.

Thanks once again to Jana Cheverie for taking on the drawmaster position!

Downloadable PDF’s

Round 3 – Thursday Teams

Round 3 – Thursday Draw Schedule – UPDATED


The second round of the Thursday draw begins this Thursday, December 14th.  Below are the teams and draw schedule.  


Thursday Round 2 – 2023-2024 SCHEDULE

Thursday Round 2 – 2023-2024 TEAMS


The Round 1 Draw Schedule and Rosters are ready for our Thursday Mixed League.

Special thanks to Angela Sanderson for stepping up to help prepare this draw – and for handling the various changes that always occur with the first round of the Thursday night draw!!!


Downloadable PDF:

Thursday Mixed Round 1 File