O’Connor Glass Cornwall Classic U20

The O’Connor Glass Cornwall Classic U20 will be returning to the Cornwall Curling Club from November 17-19, 2023.



  1. 8 end games.
  2. There will be a 7-minute practice before each game.
  3. Coin toss 30 minutes prior to game time to determine practice order and rock color.
  4. GIRLS: Top 2 teams in each pool will move on to semi-final with higher ranking team having
    choice of hammer, color and first practice.
    BOYS: Top 4 records move on to the semi-finals.
  5. Tied Games will play an extra end. If tied after one extra end a draw to the button will be used to determine the winner. 
  6. Head-to-Head and then LSD will be used to break ties. 
  7. LSD will be used to break ties if head-to-head is tied between 3 teams.
  8. Following practice, a last shot draw to the button will be thrown by each team to
    determine hammer.First practice throws clockwise.
    Second practice throws counter clockwise.If 1st stone is not in the rings a second player will also throw. Also, if
    LSD covers the pin, a second stone must be thrown. Each team much choose a different
    player each round robin game to throw the draw to the button. If all 4 stones miss the house, then hammer will be determined by coin toss.
    • higher ranked team will have hammer, choice of rock color and first practice.
    • For seeding games, 3 vs 3 and 4 vs 4 games- we will use round robin format for practice, color, and hammer.
    • Playoff teams with identical records and NO head-to-head will draw to the button for hammer.  The team with the best LSD in round robin will receive color choice and practice choice. 
  10. No 4th end break.
  11. Curling Canada Coaching interaction rules will be followed at this event.
  12. Locker rooms are available.
  13. All measurements will be done by the teams. If assistance is needed, an official may be
    called out.
  14. Only WCF compatible broom heads may be used.
  15. We ask teams to avoid slow play. Games will be monitored, and slow play will be addressed.