KFC Tuesday Evening Competitive

kfcsogoodHere’s the latest draw for the Cornwall Curling Club’s Tuesday Evening Competitive League, sponsored by KFC PEI. This draw will normally appear in the Tuesday Guardian and below.

Cornwall Curling Club

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Tuesday, Mar 21th, 2017


6:30PM Draw

Ice 1: A. Kennedy vs M. Ching.

Ice 2: D. Rhodenhizer vs P Durant

Ice 3: B. Hope vs J. Taylor

Ice 4: K Stewart vs C. Peters


8:30PM Draw

Ice 1:

Ice 2: L. Lenentine vs S. Hope

Ice 3: S. Berry vs M. MacDonald

Here is the last round draw (on mobile phone swipe table right/left to view rest of it):


Date Time Ice 1 Ice 2 Ice 3 Ice 4 Bye
Jan 6:30 pm  Lenentine vs Ching B Hope vs MacDonald O’Rourke vs S Hope      Kennedy vs Taylor Peters
24 8:30 pm     Stewart vs Durant Rhodenizer vs Berry
Jan 6:30 pm Stewart vs Rhodenhizer Berry vs Peters Kennedy vs MacDonald O’Rourke vs Lenentine Durant
31 8:30 pm S Hope vs Taylor     B Hope vs Ching
Feb 6:30 pm Lenentine vs Taylor B Hope vs O’Rourke Kennedy vs S Hope Ching vs MacDonald Stewart
7 8:30 pm Berry vs Durant   Rhodenhizer vs Peters  
Feb 6:30 pm Kennedy vs Ching Rhodenhizer vs Durant B Hope vs Taylor Stewart vs Peters Berry
14 8:30 pm   Lenentine vs Hope O’Rourke vs MacDonald  
Feb 6:30 pm O’Rourke vs Ching MacDonald vs Taylor Kennedy vs Lenentine B Hope vs S Hope Rhodenhizer
21 8:30 pm     Peters vs Durant Stewart vs Berry
Feb 6:30 pm S Hope vs MacDonald Stewart vs Durant Rhodenhizer vs Berry B Hope vs Lenentine Peters
28 8:30 pm   Kennedy vs O’Rourke Ching vs Taylor  
Mar 7 6:30 pm Stewart vs Rhodenhizer Berry vs Peters O’Rourke vs Taylor Ching vs S Hope Durant
  8:30 pm   Kennedy vs B Hope Lenentine vs MacDonald  


Here is the revised draw (on mobile phone swipe table right/left to view rest of it):

KFC Tuesday Night Competitive Curling League

Cornwall Curling Club 2016-17

Date Time Ice 1 Ice 2 Ice 3 Ice 4
6:30 pm Robertson vs S. Hope Kennedy vs B. Hope Durant vs MacDonald Rhodenhizer vs Peters
8:30 pm   Berry vs Bye Lenentine vs Taylor; O’Rourke vs Ching
6:30 pm Berry vs Ching Rhodenhizer vs B. Hope O’Rourke vs S. Hope Durant vs Taylor
8:30 pm Robertson vs MacDonald Kennedy vs Lenentine Peters vs Bye  
6:30 pm Peters  vs B. Hope Berry vs S. Hope Kennedy vs Durant O’Rourke vs MacDonald
8:30 pm   Robertson vs Taylor Rhodenhizer vs Lenentine Ching vs Bye
6:30 pm Durant vs Ching Peters vs Taylor Robertson vs Berry Kennedy vs Rhodenhizer
8:30 pm B. Hope vs MacDonald Lenentine vs S. Hope   O’Rourke vs Bye
6:30 pm Ching vs S. Hope O’Rourke vs Taylor Berry vs MacDonald Rhodenhizer vs Durant
8:30 pm Peters vs Lenentine   Kennedy vs Robertson B. Hope vs Bye
6:30 pm Berry vs Taylor Rhodenhizer vs Robertson Peters vs Durant Kennedy vs O’Rourke
8:30 pm B. Hope vs Lenentine Ching vs MacDonald S. Hope vs Bye  
6:30 pm S. Hope vs MacDonald  B. Hope vs Durant Ching vs Taylor Peters vs Stewart
8:30 pm Rhodenhizer vs O’Rourke Lenentine vs Bye Kennedy vs Berry  
6:30 pm O’Rourke vs Berry Kennedy vs Peters Stewart vs Ching B. Hope vs Taylor
8:30 pm Rhodenhizer vs Bye Durant vs S. Hope Lenentine vs MacDonald  
6:30 pm B. Hope vs Stewart Peters vs O’Rourke Kennedy vs Ching S. Hope vs Taylor
8:30 pm Lenentine vs Durant   Rhodenhizer vs Berry MacDonald vs Bye
6:30 pm MacDonald vs Taylor Peters vs Berry  B. Hope vs O’Rourke Rhodenhizer vs Ching
8:30 pm Kennedy vs S. Hope Lenentine vs Stewart   Durant vs Bye
6:30 pm Durant vs Stewart Lenentine vs O’Rourke Rhodenhizer vs S. Hope Kennedy vs MacDonald
8:30 pm Taylor vs Bye B. Hope vs Berry   Peters vs Ching
6:30 pm Lenentine vs Berry Rhodenhizer vs MacDonald B. Hope vs Ching Peters vs S. Hope
8:30 pm Stewart vs Bye Kennedy vs Taylor Durant vs O’Rourke  
6:30 pm Stewart vs O’Rourke B. Hope vs S. Hope Durant vs Berry Rhodenhizer vs Taylor
8:30 pm Lenentine vs Ching Peters vs MacDonald Kennedy vs Bye  

Note:  Please call your opposition if you can not make the game.   The ice and times you play is balanced with preference to 6:30 draw as much as possible, given there are 13 teams in the league.

***A tie remains a tie as it may help break the records for each team at the end of the draw. ***

IMPORTANT!  Read the draw carefully as the times do not always alternate each week!


Team Rosters (skip to lead)

Angus Kennedy, Brent Irving, Chris Creighton, Angela Sanderson
Lauren Lenentine, Kristie Rogers, Breanne Burgoyne, Rachel O’Connor
Ken  Stewart, TBA, TBA, TBA
Jeff Taylor, Ray Biagé, Myrna Sanderson, Cody Dawson
Debbie Rhodenhizer, Cindy Nicholson, Nancy MacFadyen, Sandra Sobey
Paul Durant, Danny Kneabone, Alan Acorn, Carl Currie
Sabrina Smith, Annika Kelly, Tatiana Kelly, Meghan Ching
Carlene Peters, Helen Smith, Rebecca Rolfe, TBA
Mark O’Rourke, Karen Currie, Danny Bernard, Donna Pound-Bernard
Sandy Hope, Shelley Ebbett, Karen Hardy, Arleen Harris
Bill Hope, Craig Mackie, David Murphy, Bill Doherty
Shirley Berry, Kim Glydon, Dena Farrell, Linda Fairhurst
Mark MacDonald, Brad Gardiner, Wayne Goodwin, Sean Patterson

RULES (last season’s; subject to change for 2016-2017 season)

1. This competitive league is a full team entry with any combination of male and/or female players.

2. Team members can play any position and can change from game to game.

3. Games are 8 ends.  The buzzer will be used to ensure the teams are off the ice in the 2-hour time period.  If the buzzer sounds, teams will complete the current end in play to finish  the game.

4. Games are scored by a win/loss/tie format.  Tied games will remain as ties (change in rule).

5. At least two (2) regular team members must be present to avoid a default.

6. If a team is unable to be present for a scheduled game, they must notify the draw master and the opposing team at least one (1) day in advance in order to avoid default.

7. If the opposing team is agreeable, an alternate time may be arranged between the teams for a missed game at a time suitable to the opposing team.  The results of the game are to be recorded in the time slot the game was supposed to have been played.  If no suitable time can be found, the team unable to make the original game will lose by default.

8. In the event of a cancellation, the cancelled draw will be added at the end of the round.