Upstreet Craft Brewing Tuesday Evening Competitive League

Cornwall Curling Club

Upstreet Craft Brewing

Tuesday, Mar 27, 2018

6:30PM Draw

Ice 1: M. MacDonald vs S. Hope

Ice 2: D. Rhodenhizer vs C. Creighton

Ice 3: J.Taylor vs S. MacInnis Smith

Ice 4: B. Spence vs S. Howatt

Congratulations to the winners of the Upstreet Craft Brewing Tuesday Night Competitive League!

                                1st  place         Jeff Taylor 

                                2nd place         Bill Hope 

                                3rd  place         Veronica Smith 

                                4th  place         Susan McInnis 

The winning teams are requested to pick up your prizes from Bev at the office.

 Congratulations to all the teams in the league.  It was a very competitive year!

To those who are continuing on, here is the schedule for the rest of season. 

Bill Hope
Tuesday evening Drawmaster.

(If viewing this on a phone, swipe with your fingers to view the entire table.)

  Ice 1Ice 2Ice 3Ice 4
6:30RentalMacDonald vs MacInnisB Hope vs S HopeBerry vs Creighton
8:30Bye: TaylorRhodenhizer vs HowattSpence vs Schut 
6:30Berry vs HowattSchut vs Creighton       RentalRhodenhizer vs Spence   
8:30Bye: McInnis      Taylor vs S Hope        B Hope vs MacDonald
6:30Spence vs CreightonRentalTaylor vs B HopeMcInnis vs S Hope
8:30Bye: MacDonaldSchut vs HowattBerry vs Rhodenhizer 
Mar 206:30Berry vs SpenceRhodenhizer vs SchutRentalHowatt vs Creighton
8:30B Hope vs McInnisBye: S Hope Taylor vs MacDonald
Mar 276:30MacDonald vs S HopeRentalTaylor vs McInnisBerry vs Schut
8:30Bye: B HopeSpence vs HowattRhodenhizer vs Creighton 



Here is the revised first round draw for the (now) 16 team Tuesday Evening Competitive League. 

Date: Time:Ice 1Ice 2Ice 3Ice 4
Oct. 24th6:30 PMC. Creighton vs D. SchutV. Smith vs M. MacDonaldS. Howatt vs B. SpenceJ. Taylor vs M. Schut
 8:30 PMS. Berry vs L. LenentineM O’Rourke vs B. HopeP. Durant vs S. HopeS. MacInnis vs D. Rhodenhizer
Oct. 31st 6:30 PMP. Durant vs B. SpenceJ. Taylor vs D. RhodenhizerL. Lenentine vs C. CreightonM O’Rourke vs M. MacDonald
 8:30 PMS. Howatt vs S. HopeS. MacInnis vs M. SchutS. Berry vs D. SchutB. Hope vs V. Smith
Nov. 7th6:30 PMS. MacInnis vs S. HowattM. Schut vs S. BerryD. Schut vs B. HopeV. Smith vs S. Hope
 8:30 PMJ. Taylor vs P. DurantD. Rhodenhizer vs C. CreightonL. Lenentine vs M. MacDonaldM O’Rourke vs B. Spence
Nov. 14th6:30 PML. Lenentine vs B. HopeS. Hope vs M O’RourkeS. MacInnis vs P. DurantS. Berry vs D. Rhodenhizer
 8:30 PMM. MacDonald vs D. SchutB. Spence vs V. SmithJ. Taylor vs S. HowattM. Schut vs  C. Creighton
Nov. 21st6:30 PMM O’Rourke vs S. BerryB. Hope vs P. DurantS. Hope vs D. RhodenhizerL. Lenentine vs S. MacInnis
 8:30 PMV. Smith vs C. CreightonS. Howatt vs M. MacDonaldM. Schut vs B. SpenceJ. Taylor vs D. Schut
Nov. 28th 6:30 PMV. Smith vs J. TaylorS. Howatt vs C. CreightonM. MacDonald vs M. SchutB. Spence vs D. Schut
 8:30 PMM O’Rourke vs S. MacInnisS. Berry vs P. DurantB. Hope vs D. RhodenhizerL. Lenentine vs S. Hope
Dec. 5th 6:30 PMM. Schut vs S. HopeS. MacInnis vs D. SchutV. Smith vs S. BerryB. Hope vs S. Howatt
 8:30 PMD. Rhodenhizer vs B. SpenceL. Lenentine vs J. TaylorM O’Rourke vs C. CreightonP. Durant vs M. MacDonald
Dec. 12th 6:30 PMM. MacDonald vs D. RhodenhizerL. Lenentine vs B. SpenceJ. Taylor vs M O’RourkeP. Durant vs C. Creighton
 8:30 PMB. Hope vs M. SchutS. Hope vs D. SchutS. MacInnis vs V. SmithS. Berry vs S. Howatt
Dec. 19th6:30 PMS. Howatt vs M O’RourkeC. Creighton vs S. MacInnisS. Berry vs M. MacDonaldM. Schut vs  P. Durant
 8:30 PMB. Spence vs B. HopeD. Schut vs D. RhodenhizerV. Smith vs L. LenentineS. Hope vs J. Taylor
Jan. 2th6:30 PMJ. Taylor vs B. HopeD. Rhodenhizer vs V. SmithC. Creighton vs S. HopeS. Howatt vs L. Lenentine
 8:30 PMM. Schut vs M O’RourkeM. MacDonald vs S. MacInnisD. Schut vs P. DurantB. Spence vs S. Berry
Jan. 16th 6:30 PMD. Schut vs L. LenentineB. Spence vs S. HopeM O’Rourke vs V. SmithS. MacInnis vs J. Taylor
 8:30 PMC. Creighton vs S. BerryP. Durant vs S. HowattM. MacDonald vs B. HopeD. Rhodenhizer vs M. Schut
Jan. 23rd  6:30 PMB. Spence vs C. CreightonM. MacDonald vs J. TaylorB. Hope vs S. MacInnisS. Hope vs S. Berry
 8:30 PMD. Schut vs S. HowattV. Smith vs M. SchutD. Rhodenhizer vs M O’RourkeL. Lenentine vs P. Durant
Jan. 30th 6:30 PMS. Berry vs S. MacInnisP. Durant vs M O’RourkeM. Schut vs D. SchutM. MacDonald vs B. Spence
 8:30 PML. Lenentine vs D. RhodenhizerB. Hope vs S. HopeC. Creighton vs J. TaylorV. Smith vs S. Howatt
Feb. 6th6:30 PMS. Hope vs M. MacDonaldL. Lenentine vs M. SchutD. Rhodenhizer vs S. HowattC. Creighton vs B. Hope
 8:30 PMP. Durant vs V. SmithJ. Taylor vs S. BerryB. Spence vs S. MacInnisD. Schut vs M O’Rourke
Feb. 13th 6:30 PMD. Rhodenhizer vs P. DurantS. Berry vs B. HopeB. Spence vs J. TaylorD. Schut vs V. Smith
 8:30 PMS. Hope vs S. MacInnisL. Lenentine vs M O’RourkeS. Howatt vs M. SchutM. MacDonald vs C. Creighton
Makeup night – sign up with Bev at the office.

Note:  Please call your opposition if you can not make a game.   

IMPORTANT!  Read the draw carefully as the times do not always alternate each week!

Here are the team rosters:

 Tuesday Night Draw      
1  2  3 
SkipDebbie Rhodenhizer SkipChris Creighton SkipBill Hope
ThirdCindy Nicholson ThirdMellissa Creighton ThirdPeter Murdoch
SecondNancy McFadyen SecondCarlene Peters SecondDavid Murphy
LeadSandra Sobey LeadHelen Smith LeadCraig Mackie
4  5  6 
SkipLauren Lenentine SkipPaul Durant SkipMark O’Rourke
ThirdKristie Rogers ThirdDanny Kneabone ThirdKaren Currie
SecondBreanne Burgoyne SecondAl Acorn SecondDanny Bernard
LeadRachel O’Connor LeadCarl Currie LeadDonna Pound-Bernard
7  8  9 
SkipShirley Berry SkipVeronica Smith SkipSandy Hope
ThirdJanice Murdoch ThirdJane DiCarlo ThirdShelly Ebbett
SecondRebbecca Rolfe SecondSabrina Smith SecondKaren Hardy
LeadLinda Fairhurst LeadWhitney Young LeadArleen Harris
10  11  12 
SkipMark MacDonald SkipJeff Taylor SkipSydney Howatt
ThirdBrad Gardiner ThirdAngus Kennedy ThirdSierra Clyke
SecondWayne Goodwin SecondMyrna Sanderson SecondMeghan Sherren
LeadShawn Patterson LeadCody Dawson LeadMadelyn Cantwell
13  14  15 
SkipDevon Schut SkipMitchell Schut SkipBrock Spence
ThirdAlec Huestis ThirdColin MacKenzie ThirdJay Carr
SecondTyler Garnhum Second  SecondChris Montigny
LeadNick Johnston LeadLiam Kelly LeadMike Montigny
Skip Susan McInnis      
ThirdDonna Butler      
Second Julie Scales      
Lead TBA      


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