Wendy’s U16 Junior Developmental League

Here is the revised draw for Wendy’s Saturday Morning Junior Development League, removing the bye, and adding the eighth team.  Also, the draw originally scheduled for Jan. 20 has been advanced to Jan. 13.

Junior Development League Cornwall Curling Club

Starting Oct 28/17, Draw time:  9:30 am

Draw Date ICE 1  ICE 2   ICE 3  ICE 4
# 1 Oct 28 Jack  vs  Pineau O’Grady  vs  Schut Gallant vs Sanderson * Howatt  vs  Ferguson
# 2 Nov 4 O’Grady  vs  Sanderson Jack vs  Ferguson Howatt vs Pineau* Gallant vs Schut*
# 3 Dec 16 Gallant vs Howatt Pineau  vs  Sanderson Ferguson  vs  Schut Jack  vs  O’Grady
# 4 Dec 23 Sanderson  vs  Schut Howatt  vs  Jack Gallant vs O’Grady Ferguson  vs  Pineau
# 5 Jan 13* Gallant vs Jack Schut  vs  Pineau Sanderson  vs  Ferguson O’Grady  vs  Howatt
# 6 Jan 27 Schut vs Howatt Gallant vs Ferguson Pineau vs  O’Grady Sanderson vs Jack
# 7 Feb 10 Ferguson  vs O’Grady Sanderson  vs  Howatt Schut vs Jack Gallant vs Pineau**

 * Revised date – changed from January 20.


1 Previously scheduled draws for November 11 & December 9 are cancelled.

  1. Storm/alternate dates available (for now): Feb 17, Mar 10, Mar 24
  2. Schedule changes (as at Nov 1):

* Games to be made up: Howatt & Schut are not available on Nov 4

** Game scheduled for Feb 10 will be played early in S’Side on Nov 4

  1. Spare: Nathan Farrell (902) 393-5563


Team Rosters:                                                                                                                     

 No Skip Mate Second Lead Coach
1 Emily Sanderson Emma Coffin Kaylee Stewart Anna Maria MacDonald Edgar Coffin
2 Sydney Howatt Sierra Clyke Meghan Sherren Madelyn Cantwell AJ Campbell
3 Mitchell Schut Nick Johnston Colin MacKenzie Liam Kelly Bill Hope
4 Clara Jack Beth Walsh Aurora Ulvstal Darrah MacLeod Aleya Quilty
5 Lauren Ferguson Katie Shaw Alexis Burris Lexie Murray David Murphy
6 Bailey O’Grady Katelyn Burgoyne Meaghan Perry Amy Spence Ann Doucette
7 Cruz Pineau Brock Rochford Noah Gallant  Brayden Snow Shelley MacFadyen
8 Shianne Gallant  Mallory Rochford Madison Profit   Sophie Shelley MacFadyen



1. Round Robin format

2.  6 end games

  1. If eight teams or fewer, games will start at 9:30 Saturday Morning on the dates indicated. 
  2. Score will be tabulated as follows:  5 points for a win; 2.5 points each for a tie; 2 points for each end won; 1 point each for blank ends. 
  3. Teams are responsible for marking their score when they come off the ice. Players are strongly encouraged to play all 6 ends regardless of score.  If a team does decide to retire early the other team will be awarded 2 points for the remaining ends.
  4. Coaches / Chaperones can go out to the ice when they see an opportunity to teach their team. The spirit of the rule is to allow the coaches to help their teams think about different possibilities and learn, not just call the shots for the team. Other reasons may include helping their teams with etiquette, speeding up play or perhaps interpreting the rules.
  5. Have FUN and Good Curling!

Final rock decides 2016-2017 Wendy’s U16 Development League

The Wendy’s U16 Junior Development League wrapped up this Saturday, March 18 2017, here at the Cornwall Curling Club.

Congratulations to all participants, coaches, parents/guardians and staff for making the 2nd season another success. 

Congratulations to the top five teams who received gift certificates from Wendy’s Restaurant, and thanks to Wendy’s for the sponsorship.

The battle for first came down to a final game between the Lauren Ferguson and Mitchell Schut rinks.  The defending champion Schut rink needed a win and 5 of the 6 ends to pass the Ferguson rink, and had 4 ends won heading into the final end.  Lauren Ferguson was forced into a shot to the button with her final stone facing three Schut counters, which she made to win the end and claim first overall.

The Bailey O’Grady rink was firing on all cylinders in their final game to win six ends and capture 3rd place overall.

Ferguson rink (missing from photo: Emma Coffin)

1s Place – Lauren Ferguson, Emma Coffin, Sierra Clyke, Emily Sanderson (105 points)

Schut rink. Missing from photo: Michael MacEwen

2nd Place – Mitchell Schut, Colin MacKenzie, Michael MacEwen, Liam Kelly (102 points)

O’Grady team

3rd Place – Bailey O’Grady, Gillian Barbrick, Katelyn Burgoyne, Megan Perry (88 points)

4th Place (Tie)   

Rachel MacLean rink

 – Rachel MacLean, Jordan Dunphy-Condon, Olivia Barbour, Avery Nicholson (87 points)

Katie Shaw rink

   – Katie Shaw, Izzy Tatlock, Grace Bulger, Lexie Murray  (87 points)

The league experienced good parity as can be seen by the above scores.  The 6th and 7th placed teams tied with 84 points and all teams experienced at least one win.

On behalf of the Board and Staff of the Cornwall Curling club have a wonderful summer and we hope to see you all again next year.

Good Curling!

Brent Irving