Online Registration

Monday, September 27th at 9 am:
Returning Members’ (from 2020-21 season) Registration beginsONLINE ONLY
Monday, October 4th at 9 am: 
Returning (from 2020-21 season) Members Registration continues online at or plus In-person at 29 Cornwall Rd. between Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm or via phone at 902-566-4427 during our business hours. 
Please note this is on a first-come-first-served basis. Each registration should take approx. ten to fifteen minutes. 
NEW Members Registration 
Monday, October 11th at 9 am: 
New Members” Registration begins, online at or, in-person at 29 Cornwall Rd. Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm or via phone at 902-566-4427 during our business hours.
Please note this is on a first-come-first-served basis. Each registration should take approx. ten to fifteen minutes. 

We register New Members after Returning Members as the latter get priority in our draws, so we have to see what spaces are available before opening registration to New Members. 

As well as signing up at the Club by making an appointment with the Manager by emailing or calling (902) 566-4427, all members, both new and returning, can register as a member of the Cornwall Curling Club (please note that we are in PEI, not the Cornwall Curling Centre in Ontario) at any time via this “Curling I/O” online registration system provided with the assistance of Curling Canada and Curl PEI, and available on our website. You can sign up, select a membership type, join our various leagues and pay for memberships, and lockers (if available). Please note that returning members have priority for their draws and lockers (when available).

For online payment, we accept debit cards (must have a Visa or Mastercard logo on them), and Visa, and Mastercard credit cards too. You can also choose the option to pay at the Club, using cash, cheque or a debit or credit card. 

Those who wish to pay their membership in two equal installments, with the final installment due by December 15th,  can register online choose the “Cash/Cheque” payment option at checkout time and pay at the Club, as online payments must be full membership payments only. All Junior memberships must be paid in full at time of registration (unless special arrangements are made with the Club Manager) and, consequently, they can use the online payment system.

Basic Online Registration and Payment Instructions

Click the link below, and, if you are not signed in automatically from a previous visit, select the Login option on the upper right and sign in as a new or existing member (if you use Gmail, use the faster “Login with Gmail” option), and then select the “Product” (membership type) that applies to you. Then, select the Leagues in which you wish to participate for the upcoming season on the “Leagues” menu.  When you enter your information under a League you will see various add-on options. Select any that apply to you. Like most online ordering and payment systems, your “Products” are added to a “shopping cart” which you can view at any time on the top line menu. When you are ready to pay, select the “Complete Purchase” option at the bottom of the shopping cart, select your payment option (Credit/Debit or Cash/Cheque) and enter your payment details for the first option, or visit the Club for the second).

When you successfully place your registration order, you will receive a confirmation email. You can also view your orders on the menu under your profile name on the registration system.


1. Purchase your “product” / membership under the “products” tab. This is where you will be charged for their membership. 

2. You will then need to go to “Leagues” and select the leagues you wish to curl in
(you are not charged here)
For example. if curling two nights a week, Tuesday Evening Competitive” and “Friday Night Fun League”, you will need to select and purchase “Two Adult Schedule Draws Day or Night” under “Products”. Once you have walked through that process, you will need to go to the “Leagues” tabs and select (and fill out required information) for “2021-22 Tuesday Evening Competitive League” and the “2021-22 Friday Night Fun League”.

Don’t forget that for most memberships it’s a two-step process – you have to choose a Membership type e.g. One Evening Draw per Week or  Adult Unlimited Day/Night, AND signup for one or more leagues.

Additional notes

A $30 fee will be added to adult memberships for the Rockin’ Raffle fundraiser. Click for details.

This system is for membership curling only. Pay per game Drop-In curling for drop-in draws and those who are sparing but are not members is paid for at the bar.

Those interested in daytime Drop-In curling will see there is no set League, so just sign up for the applicable “Product” (membership). IF you will be Curling in the Wednesday Daytime Team League then you must select that under “Leagues”. 

Little Rock/Novice/Junior Plus One

Those interested in Little Rocker or Novice Instructional training will see that there is no Product, so you bypass the Products section, and select them from the Leagues section. 

“Junior Plus One League” members will need to select the evening  league(s) that they are requesting. Also, please select “cash/cheque” at check out, and not pay for this profile until we know if they have secured a spot in the league requested. This will save on having to issue refunds.


As of Sept 27th.2021, locker use WILL be permitted for the 2021-22 season and is approved as a part of our Return to Curl plan. It will not be offered as a product in Curling I/O and will need to be confirmed and paid at the Club. 

Those who had a locker from the last season they were used (2019-20) will be given first opportunity. Those requesting lockers will be placed on a waitlist, and advised when one becomes available. 


If you have difficulty, send an email to You are also welcome to take advantage of in-person registration.

Registration Link: