Wednesday Evening Ladder League

2019-2020 Season

Fourteen teams have signed up for this season’s Wednesday evening (semi-competitive) Ladder League. We are pleased to welcome some experienced curlers to our league who have recently moved here from other provinces. A couple of Junior teams from last year have moved to the Tuesday Competitive League, and one is no longer together due to other commitments, while the Clara Jack junior team is joining us. 

Kim Nicholson and Clara Jack rinks win Ladder League Round One

There were clear winners in both the “A” and “B” pools following the completion of Round One last evening in the Wednesday Ladder League. In the “A” Pool, sponsored by Charlottetown Bottle and Metal, the Kim Nicholson rink finished with only one loss, while the Clara Jack junior team in the “B” pool, sponsored by Sam’s Restaurant in Cornwall had only two defeats.

(L-R): Kim Nicholson, Rick Neumeyer, Darlene Howlett, Jean Sinclair

(L-R): Clara Jack, Beth Walsh, Aurora Ulvstal, missing: Grace Bulger

“A” Pool:

Going into the final draw, three teams, skipped by Rob Gallant, Mark MacDonald, and Kelly Watts, were tied for second, with Watts and Gallant playing each other. Watts grabbed an early 4-0 lead, but Gallant came back with a six-ender and a triple, and the Watts team shook hands after six ends with a final score of 10-4. MacDonald came up on the short end of a closely-fought 7-5 contest against newcomer Landen Warder (who is also coaching the Jack rink). So, Gallant finishes second with 2 losses, while MacDonald and Watts have 3. Watts comes third, as she beat MacDonald in their game. Nicholson, Gallant, Watts, and MacDonald will all be remaining in the “A” pool for round two, while Josh McInnis with 4 losses, plus Warder, and Peter Joostema (5 losses each) will be moving down the ladder to the “B” pool. 

“B” Pool: 

The Paul Neima rink finished the round in second place with only two losses, while the Greg Groves team got off to a slow start with 3 (close) losses but then reeled off four wins in a row to finish the round in 3rd place. These two teams will be joining the Clara Jack squad in the “A” pool for the next round. Staying put are the Younkers – Dave and Kellie-Lynn, each with 4 losses, Greg Robertson (5 losses), and Hank Kamphuis (6 losses).

Here are the pools for Round Two, with the A Pool sponsored by D.P. Murphy Inc. (Wendy’s) and the B Pool Sponsor to be confirmed.

Pool A

A1-Kim Nicholson
A2-Rob Gallant
A3-Kelly Watts
A4-Mark MacDonald
A5-Clara Jack
A6-Paul Neima
A7-Greg Groves

B1-Josh McInnis
B2-Peter Joostema
B3-Landen Warder
B4-Dave Younker
B5-Kellie-Lynn Younker
B6-Greg Robertson
B7-Hank Kamphuis

Here is the Draw and Schedule for Round 2:

Dec. 18 (Week 1)
6:30 pm  Wendy’s/D.P. Murphy Inc. “A” Pool + Crossover Game
Ice 1: A4-Mark MacDonald vs A7-Greg Groves
Ice 2: A6-Paul Neima vs A3-Kelly Watts
Ice 3: A1-Kim Nicholson vs B1-Josh McInnis (crossover)
Ice 4: A2-Rob Gallant vs A5-Clara Jack

8:30 pm “B” Pool
Ice 1: B4-Dave Younker vs B7-Hank Kamphuis
Ice 2: B6-Greg Robertson vs B3-Landen Warder
Ice 3: Not used for league
Ice 4: B2-Peter Joostema vs B5-Kellie-Lynn Younker

Jan. 8 (Week 2)
630 pm “B” Pool + Crossover Game
Ice 1: B6-Greg Robertson vs B1-Josh McInnis
Ice 2: B4-Dave Younker vs  B5-Kellie-Lynn Younker
Ice 3: B2-Peter Joostema vs B7-Hank Kamphuis
Ice 4: B3-Landen Warder vs A3-Kelly Watts (crossover)

8:30 pm Wendy’s/D.P. Murphy Inc. “A” Pool 
Ice 1: A6-Paul Neima vs A1-Kim Nicholson
Ice 2: A4-Mark MacDonald vs A5-Clara Jack
Ice 3: A2-Rob Gallant vs A7-Greg Groves
Ice 4: Not used for league

Jan. 15 (Week 3)
6:30 pm Wendy’s/D.P. Murphy Inc. “A” Pool + Crossover Game
Ice 1: A2-Rob Gallant vs B2-Peter Joostema (crossover)
Ice 2: A7-Greg Groves vs A1-Kim Nicholson
Ice 3: A5-Clara Jack vs A3-Kelly Watts
Ice 4: A4-Mark MacDonald vs A6-Paul Neima

8:30 pm “B” Pool
Ice 1: Not used for league
Ice 2: B7-Hank Kamphuis vs B1-Josh McInnis
Ice 3: B5-Kellie-Lynn Younker vs B3-Landen Warder
Ice 4: B4-Dave Younker vs  B6-Greg Robertson

Jan. 22 (Week 4)
630 pm “B” Pool + Crossover Game
Ice 1: B1-Josh McInnis vs B3-Landen Warder
Ice 2: B2-Peter Joostema vs B4-Dave Younker
Ice 3: B6-Greg Robertson vs A6-Paul Neima (crossover)
Ice 4: B5-Kellie-Lynn Younker vs B7-Hank Kamphuis

8:30 pm Wendy’s/D.P. Murphy Inc. “A” Pool 
Ice 1: A1-Kim Nicholson vs A3-Kelly Watts
Ice 2: A2-Rob Gallant vs A4-Mark MacDonald 
Ice 3: Not used for league
Ice 4: A5-Clara Jack vs A7-Greg Groves

Jan. 29 (Week 5)
6:30 pm Wendy’s/D.P. Murphy Inc. “A” Pool + Crossover Game
Ice 1: A4-Mark MacDonald vs B4-Dave Younker (crossover)
Ice 2: A3-Kelly Watts vs A7-Greg Groves
Ice 3: A1-Kim Nicholson vs A5-Clara Jack
Ice 4: A2-Rob Gallant vs A6-Paul Neima 

8:30 pm “B” Pool
Ice 1:  Not used for league
Ice 2: B3-Landen Warder vs B7-Hank Kamphuis
Ice 3: B1-Josh McInnis vs  B5-Kellie-Lynn Younker
Ice 4: B2-Peter Joostema vs  B6-Greg Robertson

Feb. 5 (Week 6)
630 pm “B” Pool + Crossover Game
Ice 1: B2-Peter Joostema vs B3-Landen Warder
Ice 2: B5-Kellie-Lynn Younker vs A5-Clara Jack (crossover)
Ice 3: B6-Greg Robertson vs B7-Hank Kamphuis
Ice 4: B1-Josh McInnis vs B4-Dave Younker

8:30 pm Wendy’s/D.P. Murphy Inc. “A” Pool 
Ice 1: A2-Rob Gallant vs A3-Kelly Watts
Ice 2: Not used for league
Ice 3: A6-Paul Neima vs A7-Greg Groves
Ice 4: A1-Kim Nicholson vs A4-Mark MacDonald 

Feb. 12 (Week 7)
6:30 pm Wendy’s/D.P. Murphy Inc. “A” Pool + Crossover Game
Ice 1: A5-Clara Jack vs A6-Paul Neima  
Ice 2: A1-Kim Nicholson vs A2-Rob Gallant 
Ice 3: A3-Kelly Watts vs A4-Mark MacDonald 
Ice 4: A7-Greg Groves vs B7-Hank Kamphuis (crossover)

8:30 pm “B” Pool
Ice 1: B5-Kellie-Lynn Younker vs  B6-Greg Robertson
Ice 2: B1-Josh McInnis vs B2-Peter Joostema
Ice 3: B3-Landen Warder vs B4-Dave Younker
Ice 4: Not used for league

At the end of the round, the bottom three “A” teams will drop to the “B” pool, while the top three “B” teams will ascend the ladder to the “A” pool for the final round of the season.


Wednesday Ladder League Round One Draw and Schedule

Following Qualifier Night, the A and B pools have now been determined for the first round of the Wednesday Evening Ladder League, brought to you by new sponsor Charlottetown Bottle and Metal (A Pool), along with Sam’s Cornwall Restaurant (B Pool). The teams were numbered in random order within each pool for the first round using the List Randomizer

A Pool teams

  • A1-Kim Nicholson
  • A2-Peter Joostema
  • A3-Mark MacDonald
  • A4-Landon Warder
  • A5-Rob Gallant
  • A6-Kelly Watts
  • A7-Josh McInnis

B Pool teams 

  • B1-Greg Robertson
  • B2-Kellie-Lynn Younker
  • B3-Hank Kamphuis
  • B4-Clara Jack
  • B5-Dave Younker
  • B6-Greg Groves
  • B7-Paul Neima

As we have an odd number of teams (7) in each pool, we will have a crossover game each week against the same-numbered team from the other pool, which will always be scheduled at 6:30 pmIt is very important that you pay attention to this, as your pool may have the 8:30 draw on a particular week, but you may be in the crossover game at 6:30 (and you don’t want to miss it!).

The sheet that was used for the crossover game at 6:30 will not be used by this draw at 8:30.

The “B” pool (plus the crossover game) gets the early draw the first week, as they had the late draw for the last week last season.

We will be using all four sheets and the above 8 team, 4 sheet draw from Curling Canada, eliminating the game against “Team 8” at 8:30, and pitting the team in the early draw that was to play “Team 8” against the late draw team of the same number at 6:30 pm.

Here is the draw:

Oct. 30 (Week 1)
6:30 pm  Sam’s Cornwall Restaurant “B” Pool
Ice 1: B4-Clara Jack vs B7-Paul Neima
Ice 2: B6-Greg Groves vs B3-Hank Kamphuis
Ice 3: A1-Kim Nicholson vs B1-Greg Robertson (Crossover Game)
Ice 4: B2-Kellie-Lynn Younker vs B5-Dave Younker

8:30 pm Charlottetown Bottle & Metal “A” Pool 
Ice 1: A4-Landen Warder vs A7-Josh McInnis
Ice 2: A6-Kelly Watts vs A3-Mark MacDonald
Ice 3: Not used in this draw.
Ice 4: A2-Peter Joostema vs A5-Rob Gallant

Nov. 6 (Week 2)
630 pm Charlottetown Bottle & Metal “A” Pool 
Ice 1: A6-Kelly Watts vs A1-Kim Nicholson
Ice 2: A4-Landen Warder vs  A5-Rob Gallant
Ice 3: A2-Peter Joostema vs A7-Josh McInnis
Ice 4: B3-Hank Kamphuis vs A3-Mark MacDonald (Crossover Game)

8:30 pm Sam’s Cornwall Restaurant “B” Pool
Ice 1: B6-Greg Groves vs B1-Greg Robertson
Ice 2: B4-Clara Jack vs B5-Dave Younker
Ice 3: B2-Kellie-Lynn Younker vs B7-Paul Neima
Ice 4: Not used by this draw

Nov. 13  (Week 3)
6:30 pm Sam’s Cornwall Restaurant “B” Pool
Ice 1: B2-Kellie-Lynn Younker vs A2-Peter Joostema (Crossover Game)
Ice 2: B7-Paul Neima vs B1-Greg Robertson
Ice 3: B5-Dave Younker vs B3-Hank Kamphuis
Ice 4: B4-Clara Jack vs B6-Greg Groves

8:30 pm Charlottetown Bottle & Metal “A” Pool 
Ice 1: Not used by this draw.
Ice 2: A7-Josh McInnis vs A1-Kim Nicholson
Ice 3: A5-Rob Gallant vs A3-Mark MacDonald
Ice 4: A4-Landen Warder vs  A6-Kelly Watts

Nov. 20 (Week 4)
630 pm Charlottetown Bottle & Metal “A” Pool 
Ice 1: A1-Kim Nicholson vs A3-Mark MacDonald
Ice 2: A2-Peter Joostema vs A4-Landen Warder
Ice 3: A6-Kelly Watts vs B6-Greg Groves (Crossover Game)
Ice 4: A5-Rob Gallant vs A7-Josh McInnis

8:30 pm Sam’s Cornwall Restaurant “B” Pool
Ice 1: B1-Greg Robertson vs B3-Hank Kamphuis
Ice 2: B2-Kellie-Lynn Younker vs B4-Clara Jack 
Ice 3: Not used by this draw.
Ice 4: B5-Dave Younker vs B7-Paul Neima

Nov. 27 (Week 5) 
6:30 pm Sam’s Cornwall Restaurant “B” Pool
Ice 1: A4-Landen Warder vs B4-Clara Jack (Crossover Game)
Ice 2: B3-Hank Kamphuis vs B7-Paul Neima
Ice 3: B1-Greg Robertson vs B5-Dave Younker
Ice 4: B2-Kellie-Lynn Younker vs B6-Greg Groves

8:30 pm Charlottetown Bottle & Metal “A” Pool
Ice 1: Not used by this draw
Ice 2: A3-Mark MacDonald vs A7-Josh McInnis
Ice 3: A1-Kim Nicholson vs  A5-Rob Gallant
Ice 4: A2-Peter Joostema vs  A6-Kelly Watts

Dec. 4  (Week 6)
630 pm Charlottetown Bottle & Metal “A” Pool
Ice 1: A2-Peter Joostema vs A3-Mark MacDonald
Ice 2: A5-Rob Gallant vs B5-Dave Younker (Crossover Game)
Ice 3: A6-Kelly Watts vs A7-Josh McInnis
Ice 4: A1-Kim Nicholson vs A4-Landen Warder

8:30 pm Sam’s Cornwall Restaurant “B” Pool
Ice 1: B2-Kellie-Lynn Younker vs B3-Hank Kamphuis
Ice 2: Not used by this draw.
Ice 3: B6-Greg Groves vs B7-Paul Neima
Ice 4: B1-Greg Robertson vs B4-Clara Jack 

Dec. 11 (Week 7)
6:30 pm Sam’s Cornwall Restaurant “B” Pool
Ice 1: B5-Dave Younker vs B6-Greg Groves
Ice 2: B1-Greg Robertson vs B2-Kellie-Lynn Younker
Ice 3: B3-Hank Kamphuis vs B4-Clara Jack 
Ice 4: B7-Paul Neima vs A7-Josh McInnis (Crossover Game)

8:30 pm Charlottetown Bottle & Metal “A” Pool 
Ice 1: A5-Rob Gallant vs A6-Kelly Watts
Ice 2: A1-Kim Nicholson vs A2-Peter Joostema
Ice 3: A3-Mark MacDonald vs A4-Landen Warder
Ice 4: Not used by this draw.

At the end of the round, the bottom three “A” teams will drop to the “B” pool, while the top three “B” teams will ascend the ladder to the “A” pool.

Teams set for Round One after Wed. Ladder League Qualifier Night

It was a great start to the Wednesday evening ladder league, with some closely-fought matches last night. In the early draw, it took three draw-to-the-button attempts before the Peter Joostema rink got one touching the button to advance to the A pool in their game against Greg Groves. Mark MacDonald won over Greg Robertson in another close game, while new (to us) curler Landon Warder, down a couple of curlers for opening night, picked up a win over the Clara Jack junior rink with the help of spare Sharon Campbell. Kelly Watts, with Joe Callaghan sparing for Paula Ling, won over Kellie-Lynn Younker and her new team. 

In the late draw, Josh McInnis advanced to the A pool with a win over the Hank Kamphuis rink, who were a man short for opening night, Kim Nicholson beat Dave Younker, and it came down to the last rock in a very evenly-matched contest between the Paul Neima and Rob Gallant rinks. Gallant had that rock and made the shot for the win.

Here are the teams for Round One. The draw/schedule will be posted in the next couple of days.
The B pool will have the early draw next week, as they had the late draw the final week of last season (apologies to the A pool teams that have two 8:30 weeks in a row!).

Note that each week there will be a crossover game between the two pools. This game will always be at 6:30 pm, so, when the schedule is out, pay attention to which of your games is the crossover to avoid showing up at 8:30 for a 6:30 game!

Pool A skips:

Mark MacDonald, Landon Warder, Peter Joostema, Kelly Watts, Josh McInnis, Kim Nicholson, Rob Gallant

Pool B skips: 

Greg Robertson, Clara Jack, Greg Groves, Kellie-Lynn Younker, Hank Kamphuis, Dave Younker, Paul Neima


Here is the October 23 Qualifier Night Draw, with matchups selected at random. Winning teams will go to Pool A and losing teams will go to Pool B for Round One. We will have the round one draws a few days after Qualifier Night. Draws will posted on the Draw Board, in the Draws section of, and in the Wednesday Guardian.

6:30 pm

Ice 1:  Greg Robertson, Laura Arsenault, Kim Pippy, Jeff Arsenault
vs Mark MacDonald, Nelson Dougay, Geoff Boyle, Roger Richard
Ice 2: Clara Jack, Beth Walsh, Grace Bulger, Aurora Ulvstal
vs Landon Warder, Sue Pollard, Chris MacDougall, Hank Pollard
Ice 3: Greg Groves, Donald Weeks, Marjorie Matthews, Ken Monaghan
vs Peter Joostema, Stephen Hickey, George Zafaris, Bob Wakelin
Ice 4: Kellie-Lynn Younker, Danika Venoit, Katelyn Burgoyne
vs Kelly Watts, Cathy Handren, Paula Ling, Krista Affleck

8:30 pm
Ice 1: Josh McInnis, Jesse Kennedy, Mitch Dunphy, Bob Deziel
vs Hank Kamphuis, Gerald Dykerman, Pat MacInnis, Charlie Burns
Ice 2: David Younker, Gary O’Sullivan, Rebecca Rolfe, Doug Campbell
vs Kim Nicholson, Jean Sinclair, Darlene Howlett, TBA
Ice 3: Rob Gallant, Hans Wicki, Derek Gallant, Derek MacEwen
vs Paul Neima, Alan Mason, Jeff Hannam, Randy Goodman

Here are the rosters (if they don’t fit on your smartphone screen, swipe to scroll right and  left)

2019 – 2020 Season Rosters
(Players can play any position and may change from game to game if they want)

1   2   3  
Skip Paul Neima Skip Greg Groves Skip David Younker
Third Alan Mason Third Donald Weeks Third Gary O’Sullivan
Second Jeff Hannam Second Marjorie Matthews Second Rebecca Rolfe
Lead Randy Goodman Lead Ken Monaghan Lead Doug Campbell
4   5   6  
Skip Kim Nicholson Skip Rob Gallant Skip Hank Kamphuis
Third Jean Sinclair Third Hans Wicki Third Gerald Dykerman
Second Darlene Howlett Second Derek Gallant Second Pat MacInnis
Lead Deneen Gallant-Norring Lead Derek MacEwen Lead Charlie Burns
7   8   9  
Skip Kelly Watts Skip Mark MacDonald Skip Greg Robertson
Third Cathy Handren Third Nelson Dougay Third Laura Arsenault
Second Paula Ling Second Geoff Boyle Second Kim Pippy
Lead Krista Affleck Lead Roger Richard Lead Jeff Arsenault
10   11   12  
Skip Josh McInnis Skip Peter Joostema Skip Clara Jack
Third Jesse Kennedy Third Stephen Hickey Third Beth Walsh
Second Mitch Dunphy Second George Zafiris Second Grace Bulger
Lead Bob Deziel Lead Bob Wakelin Lead Aurora Ulvstal
13   14      
Skip Kellie-Lynn Younker Skip Landon Warder    
Third Danika Venoit Third Sue Pollard    
Second Katelyn Burgoyne Second Chris MacDougall    
Lead TBA Lead Hank Pollard    
  Sharon Campbell
 (902) 626-6322

Following Qualifier Night, we will then play three seven-week rounds, with each team playing the other six teams in their pool, plus one crossover game, where they play a team from the other pool. The A and B pools will alternate between 6:30 and 8:30 pm draws times on sheets 1 through 3, with the crossover game always taking place on sheet 4 at 6:30, so please make know when you are playing the crossover so you don’t show up for the wrong draw. Sheet 4 at 8:30 is not used by this draw. The B pool will get the early draw the first night of Round One, as they had the late draw the last game last season. The A and B pool winners from each round will receive prizes from our generous sponsors. At the end of each round, the bottom three teams from the A pool will drop down to B, while the top three teams from B will move on up to the A pool, so there will be lots of movement between the pools.

Looking at the calendar, we have exactly 21 weeks, or three rounds, of curling. Round One will go on Oct. 30, Nov.  6, 13, 20 and 27, plus Dec. 4 and 11. Round Two will start Dec. 18,  and continue after Christmas and New Year’s days off, on Jan. 8, 15, 22, 29, and Feb. 5 and 12. Round three will go Feb. 19 and 26, and March 4, 11, 18, 25 and April 1.

Rules (credit: some come from the Ottawa Curling Club’s Ladder League)

  • Open semi-competitive league. Any player can play any position, and you can change from game to game.
  • Following Qualifier Night where we only need to know who won, you will mark “W” for a win, “L” for a loss, or “LD” for a loss by default on the scoresheet, along with your team’s points scored, on the scoresheet on the draw board. In the case of a default, award point per end to the winning team. In the case of a tie, award an additional point for the draw to the button winner. If your score is not marked and you win, you will get one point more than the losing team. If you lose and didn’t mark, you will receive zero points. 
  • To break ties at the end of the round between teams with the same record, the tied teams are ranked by applying the following rules in order until one tie is broken. If a one or more ties remain, the rules are applied to each tie starting from rule 1. The process continues until all ties are broken and all teams are ranked.
    1. The teams are ranked using their head-to-head record against the other teams in the tie. A Loss will beat a Loss by Default. 
    2. The teams are then ranked using the point differential for their games in the round against the other teams in the tie.
    3. The teams are then ranked using the point differential for all the games in the round against all teams.
    4. The teams are then ranked using their initial ranking in the round.
  • Ties: Decided by skip’s rocks with sweeping permitted (by your team only – the other team cannot sweep your rock).
  • Avoiding defaults/using spares: At least one regular team member (and three players in total) must be present for the game to count, or else a default is posted.  Spares should not play a higher position than the player replaced.
  • Storms: Any games cancelled due to storms, etc. will usually not be played, unless it is the last week of the draw (drawmasters decision). All subsequent weeks will remain where they were, Any changes to this will be posted on
  • Teams may reschedule games to a different date and /or time by mutual consent. but ice time is hard to find!
  • The buzzer will be used to ensure the teams are off the ice within the 2-hour time period.  If the buzzer sounds, teams will complete the current end in play to finish the game. If tied, the standard draw to the button will then take place.

– Derek MacEwen

Wednesday Night Drawmaster

2018-2019 Season