Wed PM Ladder League

Wed. eve. Ladder League Round One pools won by Milligan and Neima teams, Round 2 draw set to go

The first round has wrapped up in the Wednesday evening Ladder League, with Team Milligan winning the “A” Pool and Team Neima taking the “B”, both with only one loss in their respective pool.

“A” Pool Winners – Team Milligan (L-R): Gary Milligan, Ellen Milligan, Wanetta Whitmore, Scott Ellis

“B” Pool Winners – Team Neima (L-R): Paul Neima, Alan Mason, Jeff Hannam, Randy Goodman

Based on their win-loss records, teams McInnis, Boswall, and Stewart will drop down from Pool A to Pool B, while teams Callin, Arsenault, and Bodner all had five wins in the “B” pool, with room for only two of them (along with Team Neima) to advance to the “B”. Looking at their records against each other, teams Callin and Arsenault will be advancing, as Callin beat both of the other teams, while Arsenault lost to Callin but beat Bodner and will also advance. Team Bodner lost to both and will remain in the “B” pool.

Here are the pools for Round Two. The B Pool gets the early draw the first week, as they had the late draw the last week of Round One. Team Arsenault has requested a bye on January 31, while Team Watts has asked for one on Feb. 28th. We will honour those requests.

Teams are reminded to check the draw times the first week, as, if they changed pools, they will be curling at the same time they did last week.

A Pool B Pool
A1-Milligan B1-McInnis
A2-MacDonald B2-Boswall
A3-MacKenzie B3-Stewart
A4-Groves B4-Bodner
A5-Whynot B5-Beaton
A6-Watts B6-Griffin
A7-Neima B7-Kamphuis
A8-Callin B8-Hanzl
A9-Arsenault B9-Younker


Round Two Draw and Schedule

  Ice 1 Ice 2 Ice 3 Ice 4 Bye
Wk1: Jan 10 6:30
B Pool
B4-Bodner v B1-McInnis B2-Boswall v B9-Younker B6-Griffin v B3-Stewart B5-Beaton v B7-Kamphuis B8-Hanzl
Wk1: Jan 10 8:30 A Pool A4-Groves v A1-Milligan A2-MacDonald v A9-Arsenault A6-Watts vs A3-MacKenzie A5-Whynot v A7-Neima A8-Callin
Wk2: Jan 17 6:30
A Pool
A2-MacDonald v A5-Whynot A8-Callin v A6-Watts A7-Neima v A1-Milligan A9-Arsenault v A3-MacKenzie A4-Groves
Wk2: Jan 17 8:30
B Pool
B2-Boswall v B5-Beaton B8-Hanzl v B6-Griffin  B7-Kamphuis v B1-McInnis B9-Younker v B3-Stewart B4-Bodner
Wk3: Jan 24 6:30
B Pool
B9-Younker v B7-Kamphuis B5-Beaton v B4-Bodner B8-Hanzl v B2-Boswall B1-McInnis v B6-Griffin  B3-Stewart
Wk3: Jan 24 8:30
A Pool
A9-Arsenault v A7-Neima A5-Whynot v A4-Groves A8-Callin A2-MacDonald A1-Milligan v A6-Watts A3-MacKenzie
Wk4: Jan 31 6:30
A Pool
A5-Whynot v A6-Watts A1-Milligan v A2-MacDonald A3-MacKenzie vs A4-Groves A7-Neima v A8-Callin A9-Arsenault
Wk4: Jan 31 8:30
B Pool
B5-Beaton v B6-Griffin B1-McInnis v B2-Boswall B3-Stewart vs B4-Bodner B7-Kamphuis vs B8-Hanzl B9-Younker
Wk5: Feb 7 6:30 B Pool B3-Stewart v B2-Boswall B9-Younker v B1-McInnis B4-Bodner v B6-Griffin  B8-Hanzl v B5-Beaton B7-Kamphuis
Wk5: Feb 7 8:30 A Pool A3-MacKenzie v A2-MacDonald A9-Arsenault v A1-Milligan A4-Groves v A6-Watts A8-Callin v A5-Whynot A7-Neima
Wk6: Feb 14 6:30 A Pool A6-Watts v A9-Arsenault A4-Groves v A8-Callin A2-MacDonald v A7-Neima A3-MacKenzie v A1-Milligan A5-Whynot
Wk6: Feb 14 8:30 B Pool B6-Griffin v B9-Younker B4-Bodner v B8-Hanzl B2-Boswall v B7-Kamphuis B3-Stewart v B1-McInnis B5-Beaton
Wk7: Feb 21 6:30 B Pool B7-Kamphuis v B4-Bodner B3-Stewart v B5-Beaton B9-Younker v B8-Hanzl B6-Griffin v B2-Boswall B1-McInnis
Wk7:  Feb 21 8:30 A Pool A7-Neima v A4-Groves A3-MacKenzie v A5-Whynot A9-Arsenault v A8-Callin A6-Watts v A2-MacDonald A1-Milligan
Wk8: Feb. 28 
6:30 A Pool
A1-Milligan v A8-Callin A7-Neima v A3-MacKenzie A5-Whynot v A9-Arsenault A2-MacDonald v A4-Groves A6-Watts
Wk8: Feb. 28 8:30
B Pool
B1-McInnis v B8-Hanzl B7-Kamphuis v B3-Stewart B5-Beaton v B9-Younker B2-Boswall v B4-Bodner B6-Griffin
Wk9: Mar 6 6:30 B Pool B8-Hanzl v B3-Stewart B6-Griffin v B7-Kamphuis B1-McInnis v B5-Beaton B4-Bodner v B9-Younker B2-Boswall
Wk9: Mar 6 8:30 A Pool A8-Callin v A3-MacKenzie A6-Watts v A7-Neima A1-Milligan v A5-Whynot A4-Groves v A9-Arsenault A2-MacDonald

(Drag to scroll left or right to view entire table on narrow touchscreens).

Click this link to download a printable version: Ladder League Round 2



Wed. eve. Ladder League Round One set to go following Qualifier Night

Here are the pools for Round One of the Wednesday Evening Ladder League, following Qualifier Night on Oct. 25 (please let us know if we have someone in the wrong pool!). There were some extremely close games on Qualifier Night, including one where the Kelly Watts team edged out the Paul Neima squad on the second draw to the button tiebreaker!

A Pool B Pool
A9-MacDonald B9-Beaton
A7-Boswall B7-Hanzell
A2-McInnis B2-Callin
A4-Milligan B4-Griffin
A1-Stewart B1-Arsenault
A5-MacKenzie B5-Younker
A6-Groves  B6-Bodner
A3-Watts B3-Neima
A8-Whynot B8-Kamphuis

The A Pool teams get the 6:30 pm early draw the first week, as they had the 8:30 pm late draw the last week of last season.

We will give teams MacDonald and Beaton their byes in Week 9, as they had byes on Qualifier Night.

Team Milligan requested a bye on November 8, so we will give them and Team Griffin their byes in Week 2.

Team Watts requested a bye on Nov. 15, so we will give them and Team Neima byes on that date.

A member of Team Groves requested a “November bye”, so we will give them and Team Bodner byes on Nov. 22.

Here is the draw and schedule for Round One:

  Ice 1 Ice 2 Ice 3 Ice 4 Bye
Wk1: Nov. 1 6:30 A Pool A4-Milligan v A1-Stewart A2-McInnis v A9-MacDonald A6-Groves vs A3-Watts A5-MacKenzie v A7-Boswall A8-Whynot
Wk1: Nov. 1 8:30
B Pool
B4-Griffin v B1-Arsenault B2-Callin v B9-Beaton B6-Bodner v B3-Neima B5-Younker v B7-Hanzell B8-Kamphuis
Wk2: Nov. 8 6:30
B Pool
B2-Callin v B5-Younker B8-Kamphuis v B6-Bodner  B7-Hanzell v B1-Arsenault B9-Beaton v B3-Neima B4-Griffin
Wk2: Nov. 8 8:30
A Pool
A2-McInnis v A5-MacKenzie A8-Whynot v A6-Groves A7-Boswall v A1-Stewart A9-MacDonald v A3-Watts A4-Milligan
Wk3: Nov. 15 6:30
A Pool
A9-MacDonald v A7-Boswall A5-MacKenzie v A4-Milligan A8-Whynot A2-McInnis A1-Stewart v A6-Groves A3-Watts
Wk3: Nov. 15 8:30
B Pool
B9-Beaton v B7-Hanzell B5-Younker v B4-Griffin B8-Kamphuis v B2-Callin B1-Arsenault v B6-Bodner  B3-Neima
Wk4: Nov. 22 6:30
B Pool
B1-Arsenault v B8-Kamphuis B7-Hanzell v B3-Neima B5-Younker v B9-Beaton B2-Callin v B4-Griffin B6-Bodner
Wk4: Nov. 22 8:30
A Pool
A1-Stewart v A8-Whynot A7-Boswall v A3-Watts A5-MacKenzie v A9-MacDonald A2-McInnis v A4-Milligan A6-Groves
Wk5: Nov. 29 6:30 A Pool A3-Watts v A2-McInnis A9-MacDonald v A1-Stewart A4-Milligan v A6-Groves A8-Whynot v A5-MacKenzie A7-Boswall
Wk5: Nov. 29 8:30 B Pool B3-Neima v B2-Callin B9-Beaton v B1-Arsenault B4-Griffin v B6-Bodner  B8-Kamphuis v B5-Younker B7-Hanzell
Wk6: Dec. 6 6:30 B Pool B6-Bodner v B9-Beaton B4-Griffin v B8-Kamphuis B2-Callin v B7-Hanzell B3-Neima v B1-Arsenault B5-Younker
Wk6: Dec. 6 8:30 A Pool A6-Groves v A9-MacDonald A4-Milligan v A8-Whynot A2-McInnis v A7-Boswall A3-Watts v A1-Stewart A5-MacKenzie
Wk7:  Dec. 13 6:30 A Pool A7-Boswall v A4-Milligan A3-Watts v A5-MacKenzie A9-MacDonald v A8-Whynot A6-Groves v A2-McInnis A1-Stewart
Wk7: Dec. 13 8:30 B Pool B7-Hanzell v B4-Griffin B3-Neima v B5-Younker B9-Beaton v B8-Kamphuis B6-Bodner v B2-Callin B1-Arsenault
Wk8: Dec. 20 6:30 B Pool B8-Kamphuis v B3-Neima B6-Bodner v B7-Hanzell B1-Arsenault v B5-Younker B4-Griffin v B9-Beaton B2-Callin
Wk8: Dec. 20 8:30 A Pool A8-Whynot v A3-Watts A6-Groves v A7-Boswall A1-Stewart v A5-MacKenzie A4-Milligan v A9-MacDonald A2-McInnis
Wk9:Jan. 3 6:30 A Pool A5-MacKenzie v A6-Groves A1-Stewart v A2-McInnis A3-Watts v A4-Milligan A7-Boswall v A8-Whynot A9-MacDonald
Wk9: Jan. 3 8:30 B Pool B5-Younker v B6-Bodner  B1-Arsenault v B2-Callin B3-Neima v B4-Griffin B7-Hanzell v B8-Kamphuis B9-Beaton

(Drag to scroll left or right to view entire table on narrow touchscreens).

Click this link to download a printable version: Wed. eve Round One



Wednesday evening Ladder League – Qualifier Night Draw for Oct. 25

Our Qualifier Night draw is now set. We have slotted two teams as follows:

We have awarded the Mark MacDonald rink, based on their past record, a bye to the “A” pool, while the Kolin Beaton team has agreed to start off the first round in the “B”. Both these teams will have Qualifier night off  (and we will make sure they do NOT have byes early in Round One). This leaves 16 teams to battle it out on Qualifier night, Oct. 25, with the winning teams going to Pool A for Round One, beginning the following Wednesday, and the other teams going to the B. We will make up the Round One draw after Qualifier night to ensure we accommodate the byes (and one other bye request we received) rather than slot the teams automatically.

We have chosen the draw for the Qualifier Night using the List Randomizer.
We have a long-standing request from Team Kamphuis to play the late draw on Qualifier night, so we have honoured this request.

Qualifier Night Draw for Oct. 25:

6:30 pm 

Ice 1: Hanzell vs Boswall

Ice 2: McInnis vs Callin

Ice 3: Griffin vs Milligan

Ice 4: Arsenault vs Stewart

8:30 pm:

Ice 1: T. MacKenzie vs Younker

Ice 2: Groves vs Bodner

Ice 3: Watts vs Neima

Ice 4: Kamphuis vs Whynot

Byes: MacDonald (going to Pool A), Beaton (going to Pool B).

Wed. Evening Ladder League rosters and other details. 

Here are the rosters we have been provided with for the Wednesday Evening Ladder League, which gets underway this week, with Qualifier Night taking place on October 25th, with winning teams going to the A Pool, and the other teams going to B for the first round, which starts on Nov. 1st.

Be sure to mark whether you won or lost on the draw sheet that will be posted. Score is not needed for Qualifier night.

Note that, following Qualifier Night, the A pool will have the 6:30 draw the first evening of the first round, as the B pool had it the last evening of the last round last year.


Please send any roster corrections to the Wed. eve. Drawmaster, Derek MacEwen, at, or the Manager at

We are still looking for two players. If interested, contact either of the above email addresses, or the skips of the teams that have only three players (with TBD highlighted in yellow for the vacancies).

We have 18 teams this season, which means one team in each 9-team pool will have a bye each night. Here is the Curling Canada draw we will be using. Like the 8-team draw which we have been using, it appears to have excellent sheet distribution. We reserve the right to change the order of the weeks.

Here is the tentative schedule. With the additional teams, we will have time for only two full rounds, with three or four nights left over, and will play a partial round for the third round. Dates marked with “*” are planned to go ahead, but, depending on the draw for the championship that is scheduled that week, may possibly be delayed a few minutes or otherwise affected.

October 25:  Qualifier Night

November 1: Round 1, Week 1

November 8: Round 1, Week 2

November 15: Round 1, Week 3

November 22: Round 1, Week 4

November 29: Round 1, Week 5

December 6: Round 1, Week 6 * 

December 13: Round 1, Week 7

December 20: Round 1, Week 8

January 3: Round 1, Week 9

January 10: Round 2, Week 1

January 17: Round 2, Week 2

January 24: Round 2, Week 3

January 31: Round 2, Week 4

February 7: Round 2, Week 5 * 

February 14: Round 2, Week 6 * 

February 21: Round 2, Week 7

February 28: Round 2, Week 8

March 6: Round 2, Week 9

March 13:  Round 3, Week 1

March 20: Round 3, Week 2

March 27: Round 3, Week 3

April 3: Round 3, Week 4

Note: April 3rd is available, should we choose to use it, as the Closing Spiel isn’t scheduled to start until that weekend.

Good curling!

Welcome to another season of the Wednesday Evening Ladder League, a semi-competitive team entry league. We have 18 teams this season, which means two pools of 9, with one team in each pool having a bye each week.

The Wednesday evening Ladder League is a semi-competitive team entry league. Teams stay the same all season. Teams retaining at least 2 players from the previous season have priority to enter again this season, while other teams are on a space-available basis. Junior teams with all players age 13 and over, are welcome in this league (but have a lower priority). Teams are divided into an A and a B pool at the start of the season based on whether they win or lose against another team chosen at random on the first night, “Qualifier Night”. At the end of each of three rounds, the bottom three teams in the A pool and the top 3 teams in the B pool switch places, to add some variety for the middle-tier teams while also making the pools more competitive as the top and bottom teams will not play each other. The A and B pools will curl at separate times, alternating between the 6:30 and 8:30 draw times each week. One team in each 9 team pool has a bye each week. At least three players, at least ONE of whom is on the listed team (not a spare) are required to avoid a game default. 


  • Open semi-competitive league. Any player can play any position, and you can change from game to game.
  • We will be using the following Curling Canada 9 team draw for Round Robin play. 
    Coming soon!
  • Following Qualifier Night where we only need to know who won, you will mark “W” for a win, “L” for a loss, or “LD” for a loss by default on the scoresheet, along with your team’s points scored, on the scoresheet on the draw board. In the case of a default, award point per end to the winning team. In the case of a tie, award an additional point for the draw-to-the-button winner. If your score is not marked and you win, you will get one point more than the losing team. If you lose and didn’t mark, you will receive zero points. Note that scores are used only if head to head results cannot definitively break a tie (see below).Sample Scoresheet:
  • To break ties at the end of the round between teams with the same record, the tied teams are ranked by applying the following rules in order until one tie is broken. If one or more ties remain, the rules are applied to each tie starting from rule 1. The process continues until all ties are broken and all teams are ranked.
    1. The teams are ranked using their head-to-head record against the other teams in the tie. A Loss will beat a Loss by Default.
    2. The teams are then ranked using the point differential for their games in the round against the other teams in the tie.
    3. The teams are then ranked using the point differential for all the games in the round against all teams.
    4. The teams are then ranked using their initial ranking in the round.
  • Ties: Decided by a draw to the button, with sweeping permitted (by your team only – the other team cannot sweep your rock behind the T line or anywhere else).
  • Avoiding defaults/using spares: At least one regular team member (and three players in total) must be present for the game to count, or else a default is posted.  Spares should not play a higher position than the player replaced.
  • Storms: Any games cancelled due to storms, etc. will usually (drawmaster’s decision) not be played, unless it is the last week of the draw. All subsequent weeks will remain where they were, Any changes to this will be posted on
  • Teams may reschedule games to a different date and /or time by mutual consent. but ice time is hard to find!
  • The buzzer will be used to ensure the teams are off the ice within the 2-hour time period.  If the buzzer sounds, teams will complete the current end in play to finish the game. If tied, the standard draw to the button will then take place.

– Derek MacEwen

Wednesday Night Drawmaster


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