Cornwall Curling Club Salutes Sponsors For Support

By Bill McGuire
Public Relations Chair
Cornwall Curling Club

The Cornwall Curling Club is just a few days away from wrapping up probably its busiest and most successful season ever, on April 5-6, with the traditional final Red and Blue bonspiel.

The Red and Blue is the well-known nickname for the annual closing bonspiel to mark the end of another curling season at the Cornwall club.

After surviving COVID disruptions in 2020, 2021 and 2022, the club got back on track last season and things have really revved into high gear in 2023-2024.

Cornwall manager Travis Jones says he forwarded dues this season for some 430 curlers to Curl PEI, which indicates we have a healthy membership and user base that bodes well for the future of the club.

Except for the two days before Christmas, the club has been busy every weekend since opening in October, right into its closing event April 5-6, with bonspiels, club events, rentals and clinics.

Manager Jones says there have been 22 significant bonspiels (club, provincial, or rental) hosted by the Cornwall club this season.

And much of the club’s success would not be possible without the support of generous sponsors for curlers, bonspiels and the Cornwall Curling Club.

Longtime major bonspiel sponsors include Kenmac, Murphy’s Pharmacies, and O’Connor Glass who were were singled out for special thanks and appreciation.

Red and Blue bonspiel co-chair Shauna McGill, the past president on the board of directors, notes that almost every event has sponsorship support but it is somewhat ironic that the largest club event on the calendar hasn’t had a sponsor the past two seasons.

And that is something she would dearly love to rectify after the traditional sponsor for the Red and Blue decided to support a decal on the ice surface and stepped away from the closing bonspiel.

So McGill is issuing a public challenge to any company in the area to come forward and support the largest event involving club membership. The executive and its fundraising committee are always on the lookout for sponsors but haven’t been successful in finding a replacement yet for the Red and Blue sponsor.

Nothing would please McGill or the club more than to announce during the closing banquet April 6 that a new sponsor is coming on board for the inaugural Red and Yellow event next season.

So, as the club is close to wrapping up its 41st season, now is a good time to recognize and salute its sponsors, and remind members of the many companies and individuals who support our events and our club.

Curlers are invited to support them as they have supported us.

  • Beaton’s Wholesale (house decal)
  • Good’s Independent (house decal)
  • Sam’s (house decal)
  • Upstreet (house decal, league season sponsor)
  • The Gahan House (2 rink signs, 2 in-ice decals)
  • Murphy’s Pharmacies (in-ice decal, bonspiel sponsor)
  • A&B Electric (rink sign)
  • Aubrey’s Bottle Exchange (rink sign)
  • Burnside Community Care (rink sign)
  • Cavendish Farms (rink sign)
  • Centennial Auto Group (rink sign)
  • Century 21 (rink sign)
  • Cornwall Quick STOP (rink sign)
  • Countryview Golf Club (rink sign, league draw sponsor)
  • Fix Auto (rink sign)
  • Jamie Fox (rink sign)
  • Kenmac Energy (rink sign, bonspiel sponsor)
  • John-Anthony Langdale – Royal LePage (rink sign)
  • Lowther Refrigeration (rink sign)
  • Heath MacDonald (rink sign)
  • Mark McLane (rink sign)
  • Metro Home Hardware (rink sign)
  • Moore Well Drilling (rink sign)
  • Jeff Newson – Coldwell Banker (rink sign)
  • O’Connor Glass (rink sign,. bonspiel sponsor)
  • Old Dutch (rink sign)
  • Peake & McInnis Insurance (rink sign)
  • PEI Mutual Insurance (rink sign)
  • Wally’s Pharmasave (rink sign)
  • Village Green (bonspiel sponsor)
  • Desjardin Stick (bonspiel sponsor)
  • PEI Energy Systems (league draw sponsor)
  • Food Island Partnership (league draw sponsor)
  • Clow’s Red & White (league draw sponsor)
  • Clyde River Golf Club (league draw sponsor)
  • JR’s Pizza (league draw sponsor)
  • Cornwall Daytime Committee (league draw sponsor)

See our sponsors page on the website as well: Cornwall Curling Club Sponsors

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