Congratulations to Red Team – Winners of the 2024 Red & Blue!

During the 6th end of the last draw the end result was still up in the air – but the Red team got some key points to secure the victory in the 2024 Red & Blue Closing Spiel. 

It was a great weekend and we’d like to thank all the volunteers who helped make it a success as well as the curlers who played with both a hearty competitive spirit as well as fun attitudes!

Blue’s winning streak comes to an end and as the blue rock handles are retired we look forward to many more years of friendly competition in the rebranded Red & Yellow!

The prizes for this season’s event are: (note: we’ll do team pictures on Friday next year!)

First Place:  Red Team 3 (Eugene Murphy, Garth Nicholson, Katelyn Burgoyne, Gail Campbell, and Jessie MacPhail)

Second Place: Red Team 4 (Kimball Blanchard, Bernie Field, Italo Marzari, and Brenda Morrison)

Third Place: Blue Team 11 (Brent Irving, John Clark, Richard MacEwen, and Travis Jones)

Fourth Place: Red Team 6 (Bryan Sutherland, Chris Creighton, Anne Boswall, Mike Wilson, and Garth Cudmore)

Fifth Place: Red Team 8 (Gordon Matthews, Jenine Bodner, Tom O’Rourke, and Katelyn Browne)

Spirit Award: Red Team 11 (Hans Wicki, Gerald Dykerman, Angela Sanderson, and Rick Sutherland)

Travis will be in the office next week so those team members can arrange to pick up their prizes then if you weren’t here at the end of the event.

Have a great summer!

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